Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mugwinji, unlike you PM Churchill would have asked Tsvangirai to go, not promote him. By Nomusa Garikai

“A new Zimbabwe is possible in President Robert Mugabe’s lifetime,” concluded Whitlaw Mugwinji in his latest article “Bond Notes Demo Flop: The old is Dying, Can the New Be Born?” No doubt that he thought he had written a well thought out article designed to egg the nation on and well come at long last the new prosperous, free and just Zimbabwe we all been awaiting for.

Sadly, if the nation followed Mugwinji’s advice; the new Zimbabwe we have been waiting for will NOT be born in President Mugabe’s grandson’s lifetime even if he too was to live to the same ripe old age of 92 years still counting! Mugwinji’s advice was premised on the need for the country’s opposition to unit, the same old drum with the same old monotonous monotone pangu pangu beat! There is strength in numbers and unity and he related the following to clinch the argument.

“Former UK PM Winston Churchill’ remarks to his private secretary just a few hours before the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union are quite instructive to this politics of coalition building,” wrote Mugwnji.

“The secretary inquired how Churchill, an anti-communist, could reconcile himself to being on the same side as the Soviets.

“Churchill’s reply was clear and unequivocal: “I have only one purpose, the destruction of (German Chancellor Adolf) Hitler and my life is simplified, thereby. If Hitler invaded hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”

“This is the attitude pro-democratic forces need to embrace. The might not agree with one another on many issues, but they must build alliances and work together for they share a common enemy.”

Of course Sir Winston Churchill was right to work with the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin because it helped to defeat the Nazis and end the war. But to argue that any quality opposition leaders in Zimbabwe (of whom I readily admit there are very few out there but I attribute that to the present political system that favour the scum of society and not the cream to rise to the top) should form a coalition with the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai, Joice Mujuru, Tendai Biti, etc. is to completely miss the point.

Tsvangirai, Mujuru, etc. have already proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent in carrying out the very tasks we need carried out to deliver the new Zimbabwe – i.e. implementing the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible. Tsvangirai had five years during the GNU to implement the reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one.

How is Tsvangirai going to implement the reforms now when he failed to do so during the GNU when SADC spelt out the roadmap for him and yet he failed to get even one reform implemented?

As for Mai Mujuru, she says she saw nothing wrong that happened during her 34 years at the heart of the Zanu PF government because her sexy “puppy eyes” had not opened. We are to now believe that her eyes have finally opened. After 34 years! She saw nothing in 34 years because she is mentally blind, period!

How is Mai Mujuru going to implement democratic reforms or catch the looting brigade when she is mentally blind? Come on!

The trouble with people like Whitlaw Mugwinji, Vince Musewe, Moses Chamboko and a good many others is that they are obsessed about quantity and do not care about quality. They have conscientious swept all the evidence of Tsvangirai’s breath-taking incompetence and Mai Mujuru’s blindness under the carpet so they can have this united opposition in the 2018 elections. They are cock sure the coalition will win even if not even one reform has been implemented.

Let us say, for the sake of taking this case to its logical conclusion, that there was a united opposition coalition e various opposition (such as it is led by the incompetent and blind). Let us say that the coalition gunned 73% (same as Tsvangirai in the March 2008 elections); ZEC will cook the result and declare Zanu PF the victor!

No doubt the coalition and their ideological backers like Mugwinji will cry out that the elections was rigged. By noon of election day, 31 st July 2013, Tsvangirai was already crying foul!

“Of course the election was rigged, you idiot,” people told Tsvangirai then. “You knew all along that Zanu PF rigs elections and SADC leaders warned you against taking part in elections without implementing the reforms first!”

It would totally irresponsible to allow the nation to be dragged into yet another election with no reform only for the satisfaction of saying “I told you!” Zimbabwe desperately need free, fair and credible elections and the nation must demand the implementation of all the democratic reforms and not listen to the nonsense of such failed leaders as Morgan Tsvangirai who will promise the elections will be free and fair only to flip-flop when it is too late.

Whitlaw Mugwinji you are no student of history much less logic and common sense because if you were then you would have compared the corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai to PM Neville Chamberlain. The latter’s appeasement of Hitler culminating in his infamous "Peace for our time" speech 30 September 1938 is comparable to Tsvangirai grandstanding and posturing boasting about he had tea with President Mugabe and that the tyrant is now a changed man, a democratic.

Tsvangirai has the audacity asking the nation to accept the weak and feeble new constitution, insisting that it would deliver free and fair elections. He claimed it was an “MDC child!” The Zanu PF MP on the committee tasked to draft the new constitution boasted that President Mugabe “dictated” the constitution. The elections were rigged and thus confirming Tsvangirai was just an empty drum making a lot of noise.

Adolf Hitler invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, just a year after the de trop “Peace for our time” and thus proving how PM Chamberlain had completely and hopelessly misjudged the Nazis leader. Churchill was one of the leaders who did not hesitate and asked Chamberlain to resign. No doubt there were some feeble minded individuals who, like Mugwinji, would have wanted the evidence of PM Chamberlain’s blundering incompetence swept under the carpet and asked everyone to unite behind the PM.

It has taken most Zimbabweans 20 years to finally admit President Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant. The tyrant has remained in office the last 16 years because the nation has made the mistake of electing a corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai to remove the tyrant. Having intellectuals like Mugwinji falsifying the facts is delaying the learning process, it could well take another 20 years for nation to finally accept Tsvangirai is incompetent. At this rate the new Zimbabwe will remain a pipedream!


Zimbabwe Light said...

The ruthless crushing of the latest anti-government demonstration in Harare, combined with news that the army is recruiting thousands more soldiers, suggest that Zanu-PF's strategy for stealing elections has not changed.

The scenario is confirmed by the announcement that the diaspora will only be allowed to vote in 2018 if they return home to register and stay on or return again for the ballot – despite the lauded 2013 constitution giving every Zimbabwean the right to vote.

In the face of all this evidence that Zanu PF is overhauling its vote rigging juggernaut then why are some people still saying we should go into the next elections with no meaningful reforms implemented? It really beggars belief!

Zimbabwe Light said...

You have made up your mind that the solution to Zimbabwe's political problems is for the opposition to unite and so you are twisting the events on the ground to support your position.

Can you prove that people like Sten Zvorwadza did not inform MDC-T people about the planned street protest on 18 November and invited them to help plan and send the party's supporters to swell the numbers on the day? Even if Zvorwadza did not invite MDC-T to take part what was there to stop MDC-T turning up in numbers on the day?

Your whole article is based on conjuncture and supposition that if the opposition was united everything would work like clockwork, Mugabe and Zanu PF will be defeated in the coming elections regardless what the regime does to rig the vote.

In March 2008 Tsvangirai won 73% of the vote but because Zanu PF vote rigging machinery was allowed to recount - read cook - the vote 73% was transformed into 47%. Surely even you must admit that there is nothing a united opposition can do to win the next elections as long as Zanu PF is allowed to recount and come up with the result to suit Mugabe!

We must dismantle the Zanu PF vote rigging machinery first if the results of next elections is to be a true reflection of the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe. Why is such a common sense position such a rocket science mystery to you! And you consider yourself an intellectual amenable to reason and logic; your position on uniting the opposition as the way forward is clearly set in concrete. Some intellectual you are!

Zimbabwe Light said...

If Mai Mujuru was still in Zanu PF would you still be talking of joining the street protest? One has to ask because people know that Zim PF is Zanu PF in all but name. Only someone who is naive and gullible would believe that Mujuru saw nothing wrong with Zanu PF for 34 years because her sexy "puppy eyes" had not opened. She saw nothing because she is mentally blind and whilst she joined in the looting she became deaf and dumb!

Anyone who supports Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF is suspect because why would anyone who is a full shilling want a mentally blind deaf and dumb idiot as State President?