Wednesday, 30 November 2016

War vets "are masters of the succession" boasts Mutsvangwa - then why do have a tyrant

Comrade Chris Mutsvangwa you say it was you and your liberation war friends who selected Robert Mugabe.
“Because we were the founding army, when the struggle needed new leadership, we sat and made sure that president Mugabe becomes the new commander of the army,” he said.
“we are the ones who sold the name of President Mugabe to the masses. That is why he stands head and shoulders above all the other nationalist leaders.”
“We are masters of the succession plan. We know it so well so we have no lesson to learn from Jonathan who deserted the war.”
Mutsvangwa and his war veterans are becoming obsessed about Professor Jonathan Moyo and his G40 faction’s machinations. Please forget him and G40 for one minute; after all it is not only the Mnangagwa faction and the G40 faction who have any invested interest on who governs Zimbabwe. Every Zimbabweans has any interest and the numbers of the warring Zanu PF members is nothing compared to those outside the party.
If Mutsvangwa does not need lessons on succession from Professor Moyo he certainly needs lessons from the rest of the Zimbabwe people!
Looking at the sorry economic state Zimbabwe, the human misery it has brought and the over 30 000 innocent lives cut short for selfish political gain by Mugabe in his 36 years of corrupt and tyrannical rule surely even you Comrade Mutsvangwa will admit that electing Mugabe and keeping him in power all these years was not such a good idea after all. You have admitted yourself that the tyrant has “dictatorial tendencies”. You want him to go.
So the man you still describe as standing “head and shoulders above all the other nationalist leaders” turned out to be a corrupt and murderous tyrant with a knack for betraying his revolutionary comrades and povo alike!
If the truth be told, and it must be told and to your face too, you are NOT masters of the success plan are you. If you elected a corrupt and murderous tyrant last time what makes you so sure you will not do so again?
Indeed, you have already shown that you are not as clever as you claim to be at picking who will make a good leader and who will not by selecting Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe. Mnangagwa is the flip-side of the tyrant; he, of all people, has been Mugabe’s right-hand man, he played a major role in the Gukurahundi massacre and all the vote rigging machinations.
How you and your war veterans elected Mugabe to lead Zanu PF before independence is your affair why you have imposed the tyrant on the people these last 36 years is totally unacceptable. You have denied the people their freedoms and basic human rights to stop regime change.
The most important lesson you and your brand of war veterans have clearly failed to learn during the war and since is the revolution was not just about ending white colonial oppression but to secure freedom, human rights, justice and economic prosperity for all Zimbabweans. What you have done is replace white colonial oppression with black oppression.
You claim to be the “master of succession plan”; does the ordinary Zimbabwean has any meaningful say in that plan; a free vote in a free, fair and credible election?
Listen Mutsvangwa and hear this; whom you impose as the next leader of Zanu PF is your affair but if you think you are going to impose the individual on the people of Zimbabwe think again. For the last 36 years Mugabe and Zanu PF thugs have ridden roughshod over the people’s hopes and dreams denying them their freedoms and basic human rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life. This must stop here and now!
Zimbabweans are going to join the commune of free nations the world over when the country holds its first ever free, fair and credible elections! It is the fervent hope of every peace-loving Zimbabwean out there that you, Comrade Mutsvangwa and your war veterans will play a constructive role in making this happen. If not that, then that you will never again play the role of the tyrant’s thug doing his master’s bidding!

The next elections will be free, fair and credible; the decades of rogue war veterans frog marching villagers to Zanu PF rallies are over!

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