Friday, 18 November 2016

Mugabe promised war vets $500k and/or prosperity all he has ever given them is poverty. By N Garikai

Financial Gazette columnist CZ’s (satirizing he who must not be named, the satanic satyr Robert Gabriel Mugabe, totem Gushungo) latest contribution “I never promised any war vet US$500k Cdes” Bulayayo 24, captured the essence of the beast!

Of course CZ promised the war veterans $500 000 each! Promising someone from whom he wants a big favour the moon on a silver platter, delivering hell-on-earth and then denying having promised them anything is the sort of thing the tyrant has done every morning before breakfast all his life!  

We all remember CZ’s “gutsa ruzhinji” (mass prosperity) promise to the nation, a distant memory now given the nation has been wallowing in abject poverty, filth and dirty for most of the 36 years the tyrant has been in power. And the mass poverty is getting worse and worse as the economic meltdown sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Zimbabwe’s mass poverty is not because the country is poor, the country could be the Switzerland of Africa if it wealth and potential was wisely managed. The root cause of Zimbabwe’s descent into hell-on-earth is that the satanic satyr has been creaming off the nation’s wealth to feed his cronies, his family and his own insatiable greed. The more they took the more they wanted! And, as can be expected with all unearned riches, all the looted money, farms, etc. have all been wasted on luxuries or left to rot.

Here is an example of the extend and scale of the greed and waste in Zimbabwe. In February this year CZ admitted that $ 15 billion of diamond revenue was “swindled”. No one, not a single soul, have ever been arrested. The Minister of Finance has admitted that only one million carat of diamonds out of the expected six million is accounted for. In other words, the looting continues!

Soon after his admission of the $15 billion looting spree CZ went on to spend $10 million, at least, on the birth of his grandson, if one adds up the cost of the flights (he has born in the Far East), hotel bills (mother and grandmother’s entourages were away for two months), hospital bill, charted plane (CZ charter an Air Zimbabwe plane complete with crew for three days), etc. Meanwhile back in Zimbabwe even major referral hospitals were forced to stop carrying out even the most routine and basic operations for lack of drugs, clean running water, etc.  

No country on earth can sustain the criminal waste of material and human resources that we see happening in CZ’s “my Zimbabwe”, as he loves reminding us all. It is his to do with as he please as we have all been reduced into subservient serfs, here to serve his lordship’s pleasures and whims! Our suffering and even our very lives are of no consequences to him!

"In 1997, when we were moved by the abject poverty that these men and women were wallowing in,” wrote CZ “out of the goodness of our hearts, we decided to make a sacrifice by offering them once-off gratuities and life pensions, and I am proud to say we have dutifully delivered on each and every one of our promises, so I do not know where these latest claims are coming from.”

Like all demigod our satanic satyr CZ (Satyr is a Roman woodland God with goat’s legs, head, etc. known for his lust) cannot be expected to remind such earthly detail that he was the one who had brought on the abject poverty in the first place. Second the gratuity payment was a down payment to the war veterans whom he wanted to help him impose his corrupt and tyrannical rule on a resistive nation dying to end his dictatorship.

Third the latest claim was the war veterans demanding that he should honour his promise to rescue them from poverty if their help him stay in power. Since 1997 the war veterans have turned on the people they had helped liberate, like rabies infected sheep-dogs attacking sheep; to force them to accept the one party state. It was a despicable thing to do but they did. Now they are demanding why they are still wallowing in abject poverty.
If CZ did not promise the war veterans in 1997 US$500 000 then he certainly promised them something even better - to uplift them from abject poverty into the luxury and economic prosperity of the ruling elite!

What goes around, comes around the consequences of CZ’s satanic past are all coming home to roost. It is not just the war veterans’ demands that are keeping him awake. The talk of street protests everyday now; civil servants demanding their unpaid wages, ordinary people demanding “Our $15 billion back!”, Sten Zvorwadza and his lot demanding the scrapping of the bond notes before he has issued them; etc.

His own party, Zanu PF, is imploding. He has managed to keep everyone happy this far by allowing them to loot, but now there is very little left and they are fight each other to the death for the crumbs. Even his own wife Grace is driving him nuts with her incessant demands for more loot and luxuries.

It was the thought of her having to give up any the luxuries afforded her as First Lady, should CZ ever have to give up his position as president, that has fired Grace to launch her bid to succeed CZ. She has ruthless attacked, first Joice Mujuru and now Emmerson Mnangagwa, becaused they were her main challenges. She dislodged Mujuru with easy but, so far, has failed to dislodge the latter.

Meanwhile whilst she continues trying to dislodge Mnangagwa from taking over as president; Grace has vowed that CZ will remain in office even if that means taking him to the office in a “wheelchair”, she insisted.

CZ’s troubles have been raining on him like hailstones the size of tennis balls with nowhere for him to hide. He really is that helpless; his troubles would have tasked him even at the peak of his powers and prowess and the hard rain is coming when ill health and old age has left him feeble, he his finding standing, walking and even just staying awake very taxing!

There is no rest for the wicked!

Who would ever believe that one so mighty and power living in such luxury and opulence could ever be so totally helpless, miserable and lonely; but such is CZ’s last days on this earth. If there is an afterlife then I dread thinking what awaits him, given there are millions he has short changed and thousands whose lives he has cut short!

Chawakadya chamuka Gushungo iweeee! (You are now paying for your sins Gushungo!) 

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