Thursday, 12 November 2015

Grace can have her wish to be president is she can stop tsunami wave demanding regime change!

Some people are saying Grace Mugabe is set to replace her husband as president; they could not be more wrong. Before she can take over the presidency Grace has two mountains to climb. First, she must establish her own Zanu PF faction strong enough to topple the Mnangagwa faction and to still keep the Mujuru faction at bay.


“Baby dumping” the Mujuru faction was easy, Grace did that in four months last year, but that was because she had the Mnangagwa faction and her husband doing all dirty and heavy duty work for her. Since dispatching Mujuru she has had to build her own faction to take on the Mnangagwa factions by enticing Mnangagwa faction members to switch their allegiance and join her. She has not been very successful in doing this.


For all the hot-air about the G40 faction, there are very few members in that faction. The three notable members of the G40 are Jonathan Moyo (who Mugabe demoted recently because he does not trust the him, no one does); Savour Kasukuwere who clearly did not have much grass root support since was not much of a threat to Mujuru and then Patrick Zhuwao, who is a political nonentity. Zhuwao lost the Zanu PF primary parliamentary elections in 2013.


Zhuwao is minister today because Bob is his uncle. As Minister of Youth he is trying hard to ingratiate himself with the party’s youths by pushing the indigenisation law which, on paper, promises unimagined riches but in practice has been one of the most disastrous policies of Mugabe’s 35 years in power. Zhuwao is making promises of jobs and wealth he will never ever deliver. The nation at large is now taking Zhuwao as some sick joke and everything he touches turns to ash not gold!


Patrick Zhuwao does not bring any gravitas and a sense of seriousness to the G40 faction but the exact opposite! That is the last thing the faction wanted given it is desperate to be taken as serious contenders for the presidency.


Grace Mugabe herself, as the presidential candidate for the G40 faction, has failed to impress. The only real arsenal in her armoury is that she is Mugabe’s wife. To a party and nation that has grown sick to the back teeth of Mugabe corruption and tyranny, the nation blames him for dragging the country into this hell, being the tyrant’s wife is now a curse not a blessing.


The second mountain for Grace to climb is the economy. Zanu PF has maintains its struggle hold on power even in the face of growing poverty and despair until 2008 when economic suffering forced Zimbabweans to risk life and limp to confront the regime and demand change. The nation would have accomplished their goal of regime change if MDC had not betrayed them by failing to implement even one of the GPA democratic reforms designed to stop Mugabe rigging the elections.

Still the economic meltdown today has produced the same economic hardships comparable to those of 2008 if not worse. The situation is getting worse by the day, not better. Grace Mugabe has no clue of the seriousness of the economic meltdown much less know what to do to end it. Come 2018 the people will wake up from their comatose sleep – they are known for going into political hibernation, the last great awakening being in 2008 – and they will once again risk life and limp and demand regime change.


The economic situation in Zimbabwe is socially and politically unsustainable; the discontent it is generating in the nation is a Tsunami wave so big it will sweep away Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Grace or whoever is the Zanu PF presidential candidate in the next elections. The cup is full and overflowing, regime change is as certain as the sun rising tomorrow.

Grace Mugabe will have her wish to be president if she can stop the tide demanding regime change or stop the sun rising tomorrow!


“If Mugabe was to drop died today Grace's faction will disappear like morning mist!” said Patrick Guramatunhu and I agree with him.


Mugabe, no doubt under pressure from his bossy and ambitious wife, has allowed this G40 faction to exist in the hope it would propel his wife into power. Now that the G40 has completely flopped, he must be deeply regretting this.


Zanu PF is imploding his wife’s greed for power triggered the factional fighting and all he can do now is twiddle his fingers as fire consuming the party spread.


The country’s economic meltdown has exposed all his lies of economic success and empowering the people. He had, miraculously, management to salvage some pride after the 2008 rejection by the people. He knows the coming elections will be even more humiliating, he has sworn enemies everywhere even from amongst his former party members. He has humiliated them for 35 years and now they will have the last laugh.


Everywhere he goes these days everyone, even those he once thought admired him, is deriving great pleasure at laughing at Mugabe. When he tumbled and fell at the airport beginning of the year people still laugh of it as if it was yesterday. 


“There is no democracy in Zimbabwe!” shouted the Nigerian Sahara TV reporter. “It there like a time limit?” She continued mocking at his 35 years in power.


It seem that the curse of the devil himself is upon him because mishap follow him everywhere, just to give the world another chance to laugh at HIM. How he failed to realize he was reading the wrong speech when he opened parliament, he will never know. And then there was him tripping over a step two inches high in India!


But it is the next national elections that scars the devil out of Mugabe; he has no money to bribe anyone with and even if he did the ground swell for regime change is just too much!

Longevity is supposed to be a blessing but only when it is accompany by peace and tranquillity and not chaos, back stabbing, one expose after another and everything falling apart. And instead of sympathetic support all Mugabe gets is gratuitous laughing.


Zimbabwe Light said...

Does Ncube know how much in direct and indirect subsidies in the form of free farms, free animals and equipment, soft bank loans, guaranteed markets, etc. Grace get? If it was not for all this free resources, free money and paid tax like everyone else then they would have thrown her in jail a long, long time ago for being such a hopeless and wasteful business owner. The corrupt, reckless and incompetent way she has run her businesses is the same way her husband has managed the nation's affairs and that is the last thing the nation wants!

Grace is "a mother at heart"? She kicked destitute families off the land so she could add it to her farm where was her heart then? Had she forgotten it in Singapore after her last shopping trip?

We had looking for someone competent and visionary to lead us out of this hell; she has no such qualities. All she is offering is her insatiable greed; she has lived a life of leisure and has no desire to give it up now; that is hardly a recommendation for her to be president. The lack of seriousness with which some Zimbabweans are treating the matter of electing a competent government is shocking!

Zimbabwe is in serious economic trouble, millions of people are living in abject poverty. The country is in a real mess and people are dying like flies and still some people fail to see the seriousness of our situation.

People get the government they deserve and we have certainly deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime and, if we continue to bury our heads in the sand and refuse to think like humans, we will remain in this hell-on-earth Mugabe landed us for many generations to come! Motherly Grace, I despair at the sheer stupidity of it all!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

What we have here is the classic case of appeasement gone mad. We knew free, fair and democratic elections are the only basis of a good, stable and accountable government but we have allowed Mugabe to rig elections to appease him for fear he would throw a violent tantrum if we did otherwise. Year after year the tyrant destroyed the economy and ruined our lives and yet year after year we have bend over backwards to appease him. People are now paying with their lives and those of their children and still Mugabe demands even more sacrifice.

There is no appeasing a tyrant like Mugabe and we should have never allowed him to rig the first elections all those years ago. It is utterly stupid that even one human live should be lost in an attempt to appease anyone much less the lives of hundreds of thousands!

Mugabe rigged the last elections and therefore he has no legal basis to impose the indigenisation law or all of all his other failed policies on the people of Zimbabwe. We must stop appeasing Mugabe forthwith!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

99.9% of the would be investors affected by the indigenisation law are white but they are ok because if they cannot invest in Zimbabwe they can invest in Mozambique or some other country.

99.9% of the people who would have been empower by having the 51% shares are blacks. But since no new foreign investor has come into Zimbabwe these blacks have NOT been empowered and they are waiting!

99.9% of the people affected by the country's 90% unemployment rate are not white they are blacks. The failure to have inward investment has been the disappearance of job opportunities for blacks.

If the purpose of the indigenisation law was to keep whites out of the country, then well done it has done that. If the purpose was to empower the blacks by forcing all foreign investors to give up 51% of their businesses to blacks then the policy has failed because no white foreigners have come in.

It is obvious the indigenisation law was passed without due consideration on the effect of reduce foreign investment in terms of reduced employment opportunities. This regime is known for following policies designed to benefit the ruling elite regardless of how much povo suffer. For the record, indigenisation law has forced foreign investors to shy away from Zimbabwe and no new investments has meant no new job opportunities. Of you Mara and the regime do not care that millions of our people are out of work, that too is to be expected. Still the millions unemployed care and I care!

How anyone consider this tragic situation a victory for the blacks over the whites is proof of how mentally sick some blacks are!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

Yes there is confusion in the opposition camp but I would not call it an irresistible force to sweep all before it like the tsunami wave. I believe the economic hardship people are facing today as a result of the worsening economic meltdown is going to force Zimbabweans to pluck up the courage and vote for change regardless of all the violence unleashed on them to do as they are told. Vote rigging is easy when one is dealing with a frightened and cowering people it is a totally different kettle of fish when dealing with a hostile and determined mob.

Come the next elections a depleted Zanu PF from the on-going internal infighting will be fighting too many fires from too many fronts; that is the tsunami wave that may overwhelm it!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

And you, whose interests do you represent? Not povo's interests since you have denied them their freedom, liberty and humanity even before independence. You claim to represent them and no one dares to challenge your claim for fear they will be murdered too!

It has been all too easy for you accuse you opponents and critics of "fronting the imperialists" since you also were the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner all rolled up into one. How convenient!

You must be worried sick that your power is waning and the regime is losing it iron grip on power. There one thing one can be 100% certain of in this world my friend; change. And death, some would say but death is change.

You Zanu PF thugs have ruled with an iron fist because you thought you would rule “until don-keys have horns”, as Minister Simon Khaya-Moyo boosted a year and half ago. Today the writing is on the wall, regime change is coming, and you are in a panic because not a single donkey has even the horn buds of a calf!

Zimbabwe Light said...


"If only the opposition had done their job during the GNU," you said and you are right. The follow up question which many people out there have failed to ask is why in five years did MDC fail to implement even one reform? These people would have come to the only logical conclusion that MDC sold-out.

This line of thinking would then led back to us the electorate; how could we have been so dumb and stupid to have elected opposition leaders who are so breathtakingly corrupt, incompetent and are sell-out? We are so dumb and stupid that we are going to elect the same breathtakingly corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs again in the next elections!

So you see my friend it is not so much the opposition you should be concerned about but the electorate that is so dumb and stupid. We would have been out of this hell-hole years ago if we had a competent and focused opposition. What I have learnt is such a quality opposition neither come out of thin air nor out of a dumb and stupid electorate.

If we want out of this hell then we must have an electorate that is willing to ask questions and not one that follow leaders blindly like sheep to the slaughter!

Human beings are a thinking species, creatures of reason, that is why we are the master and lord of all the other living things. Nations have prospered or regressed in accordance with who many among them are thinking and the quality of their collective thoughts. Millions of our people have opted to bury their heads in the sand and stop thinking and hence the reason the nation has slipped into the dark ages.

A nation that elects a village idiot like Tsvangirai who does not have common sense should not be surprised to find itself blundering from pillar to post. What else can one expect from a village idiot!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

What kind of freedoms and liberties do the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans have who have been denied a meaning vote and even the right to life? The 90% out of work and so poor they do not have even one decent meal a day are forever grateful they were "liberated" by Mugabe.

Get rid of the white oppressors was not all people wanted and dreamt of before independence but that is clearly an idea that murderous tyrants like you have failed to grasp. Now that Zanu PF is imploding we will have regime change and then you will be asked to explain the innocent blood on your hands. If you think your nonsense of they were guilty of "fronting the imperialists’ interest" will save you from the hangman's noose think again!

Mugabe ended white colonial rule but failed to free the people as he became the next oppressor. We must put that right and will and am putting it right! Mugabe and Zanu PF’s power and star is setting and the dawn of freedom, real freedom, is breaking!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

So that is the new excuse for rigging elections, to stop Roy Bennet coming back to Zimbabwe?

I think Mugabe rigged the elections because he wanted to continue looting Marange diamonds and all the other corruption that is going on; because he has to hang on to his looted wealth; because he does not want the world to know his evil past and all the skeletons in the disused mine shafts; etc.

Mugabe's reign should have ended in 2013 at the latest in only those MDC morons had not sold-out. We both know that is not going to happen again. The hare will not escape the veld fire twice; Mugabe has escaped three or four times already, he will not do so this time!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Mugabe will need a chaperon whenever he appears in public, we all know he is too old to walk without tripping and we also know that Grace cannot be trusted to be the attentive chaperon, she is a shopaholic, she is in Turkey to shop.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Shadreck

I hear what you are saying but my point is if we are serious about getting out of this political and economic hell we find ourselves the only way out is by implementing the GPA reforms. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends thought they could get free, fair and credible elections with the weak and feeble Copac constitution alone. SADC Heads and many others like myself said at the time that would not work and the July 2013 rigged elections have proven us right.

You want free, fair and credible elections? Then implement the GPA reforms, there is no other way!

Zimbabwe Light said...

The newly elected District Youth Vice Chairman for the Chaminuka district’s body was found bleeding in a large pool of blood. The disturbing scene took the entire nation by surprise and comes as ZANU PF heads to its crunch congress in December 2015 which is to determine Mnangagwa’s chances of replacing Robert Mugabe.
ZRP cops descended onto the scene as crowds gathered in Chitungwiza.

Mugabe showed everyone he has no respect of the rule of law by rigging the national elections in 2013 and then rigging Zanu PF's own party elections. Zanu PF is a party of ruthless thugs and now they are turning on each other like hyena fighting over scraps! If we do not do something to end this lawlessness then Mugabe and Zanu PF are going to drag us all over the edge into the abyss! After 35 years of this lawlessness we are very close to the edge and time is running out for us to order an end to this madness!

Zimbabwe Light said...

“The sole issue of regime change, this is a term I have never used,” said Wharton.

“I would like to say, we do not support political parties or personalities in Zimbabwe we support processes as a matter of principal.

“What matters to us is not who is the president or leader of Zimbabwe, but how does that person come to power; is the process transparent, and was the process credible.
“It’s up to the people of Zimbabwe to choose who to leads them.

“Our concern in Zimbabwe is that this has been not been clear; the people of Zimbabwe have not been given a credible chance to do that.”

He said the US understood that a political party cannot “really renew its self while in power. It cannot come up with new ideas”.

Could not agree with you more Ambassador! What we need is to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA which is the only way we can all the sure we have an electoral process that guarantees every Zimbabwean the opportunity to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country.

We have wasted the GNU years with MDC forgetting the reforms and focusing on the weak and feeble Copac constitution. Tsvangirai was warned that the new constitution will never deliver free and fair elections but he would not listen. And now the village idiot is off at a tangent again demanding electoral law reforms although he has already been warned they too will never deliver free and fair elections because they are “inadequate and incomplete”!

Let us focus on the GPA reforms and not waste any more time on stupid wild goose chase!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zimbabwe will not fully recover without an open and honest reckoning with the causes of the country's collapse.

The United States should have no qualms about refusing to provide Mugabe with financial relief. Washington has almost no national security and few economic interests in Zimbabwe, and so it can afford to stand firm on its democratic principles. The United States alone likely cannot stop the proposed arrears clearance plan. But the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama can use its diplomatic clout to insist upon clear and unequivocal human rights benchmarks ahead of any new lending or broader rapprochement.

I will say Zimbabwe will NEVER ever fully recover economically with an open and honest reckoning with the causes of the country’s collapse.

Zimbabwe Light said...

A picture is worth a thousand words! The picture of Mugabe looking scornfully at Khaya-Moyo handshake peace offering is worth a thousand volumes of written word!

The photograph captures the essence of Mugabe and his wife the contemptuous
arrogance and hypocrisy, on the one hand. On the other, it captures the foolishness and the self-dehumanizing grovelling of Khaya-Moyo.

It should be remembered that Mugabe had just rigged the party’s electoral process and kicked Mai Mujuru and many other party leaders out of the party for no other reason than that Mai Mujuru had garnered the support of 8 provinces out of 10 for her bid to be one of the two VPs.

It is a sobering thought to think Simon Khaya-Moyo was hoping to be one of the VP and then go on to be president. What kind of VP would such a feeble minded and spineless individual make? But of course, yet another brainless, arrogant and spineless tyrant, what else!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mart

He probably did; how many times has Mugabe instructed his ministers to say or do something only for him to denounce him/her and do the exact opposite. Mugabe is a tyrant he will do as he please regardless what the law or anyone says.

The tyrant will have a few surprises for Mnangagwa next month of that we can be sure. Baby dumping Mujuru was easy doing the same to Mnangagwa is not so easy but Mugabe, being the tyrant he is whose is used to ride roughshod over everyone else, will not give up so easily. He has been scheming and the dirtier the scheme the more it will appeal to his dirty mind.

The one thing he has failed to bribe, cheat or murder is the economic. Zanu PF members can indulge themselves in this orgy of factional war to the death but whoever is left standing will still have to deal with the economic meltdown. The economic meltdown has not stopped because of the factional war it has matched on regardless. The economic situation of 90% plus out of work and millions living in abject poverty is socially and politically unsustainable.

These Zanu PF thugs are fighting to inherit a crown Mugabe lost a long time ago; Zanu PF is unelectable and all this in fighting has made the party's prospect of winning the next elections near impossible. Mugabe has remained in power by rigging elections but the in fighting in the party will make vote rigging now near impossible. There are too many former party members who have been kicked out of the party who know the dirty tricks and will only be keen to settle the score by telling the world what happened.

Zimbabwe Light said...

Elton Mangoma, just like all the other MDC leaders in the GNU, is talking out of his a***! Mugabe and Zanu PF would not even be in power right now if these MDC idiots had implemented the democratic reforms during the GNU. Mugabe would not have won free, fair and credible elec-tions. They failed to implement even one reform and so Mugabe was able to rig the vote and get back into power!

Now these MDC idiots are calling for fresh elections in their usual idiotic way. Holding fresh elections before the reforms are implemented will allow Zanu PF to use wanton violence - the party has no money for the bribes so it will resort to its tried and tested way of violence to retain power.

It would have been better for the nation if the violence in MDC had escalated to the point where members killed each other just as what is happening in Zanu PF. MDC thugs roughed Mangoma and let him go; a died Elton Mangoma would not be back talking out of his a***!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

The tragedy of Zimbabwe is that today two years after the rigged elections a sizable number of our people will admit Zanu PF rigged the July 2013 elections but they have no clue what hap-pened. They went into those elections confident the elections will be free, fair and credible BE-CAUSE MDC told them so.

Did they make any effort to understand why SADC Heads and a few others were warning that the elections would not be free and fair? No they did not!

Did they make any effort after the elections to find out why Zanu PF was able to rig the elections? No they have not!

So we end up with this absurd situation where people like Professor Ncube, who betrayed the nation and sold-out to Mugabe during the GNU, now have chutzpah to portray themselves as the virtues of democratic champions personified. These MDC leaders are certainly wolves in sheep clothing but because the Zimbabwe electorate have no idea they sold-out during the GNU they are passing for sheep! How absurd!

Zimbabwe Light said...

"As we approach the People's 15th National Congress, we should remain united. There will be contestations of political ideals and for political positions in any vibrant political set up like ours," said the Zanu PF UK chapter.

"However when all has been done and resolutions have been passed, positions won and lost, we all remain one united party. We have defied doomsday prophets and naysayers for 52 years. We are not going to stop now just because there are prayers and supplications for our demise."

Ian Smith’s UDI for 15 years and it too remained defiant to the end. At least Smith accepted the system was unsustainable and accepted change and not drag the nation into total economic ruins first as Mugabe has done.

Mugabe inherited a strong economy in 1980 and he is now presiding over a completed ruined economy with unemployment a dizzying 90% plus and millions living in abject poverty they can-not afford even one decent meal a day. You are appealing for unity among Zanu PF members because with the economic meltdown hitting everyone hard they are fighting like wild-cats for the scraps.

The dog-eat-dog fighting in Zanu PF is now out of control no one can stop it. Zanu PF is imploding and it is not the work of some “doomsday prophets ….. supplications for the party’s demise” as you claim. This is the result of 35 years of mismanagement, corruption, lawlessness, vote rigging and tyrannical rule under this murderous tyrant, Mugabe.

Mugabe and Zanu PF are finished there will be regime change and democratic rule. All Mugabe and you Zanu PF supporters’ claim that Zanu PF will rule until the donkey has horns have all come to naught!

Zimbabwe Light said...


Was it not bad enough that Mugabe is a corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous tyrant now the nation has to put up with seeing him dozing off at the drop of a hat of waddling and trip-ping and falling. It is not as if he is a man of great talent the nation cannot find another like him and hence the reason he must remain in office even if he fast asleep most of the time. The tyrant has been a curse to the nation for Pete's sake.

If only those MDC village idiots had implemented the GPA reforms during the GNU the nation would have been spared the continued presence of this tyrant who has now attached himself to State House like binnacles to rock!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Vanoba Samare

If the truth be told, Mnangagwa factions are sharks too; look at how the savagely attacked Mujuru, not that she was an angel fish herself! The point is Zanu PF is a party of ruthless thugs and they are now fighting one another to the death! Zanu PF is imploding and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

As for me, I think Zanu PF's implosion is the lancing of the boil the nation has been waiting for after MDC failed to implement the reforms necessary to stop the party rigging elections.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara
Even being forced to go into the GNU arrangement was very humiliating for a tyrant like Mugabe used to absolute power. The GPA democratic reforms would have dismantled Mugabe's dictatorship alright but he was lucky to have a breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai as the man tasked to implement the reforms. It is not going to happen again.

The pincer movement of the imploding Zanu PF and the worsening economic meltdown will force Mugabe to accept political reforms. It is now just a matter of when is he going to capitulate and not if. When it happens, this time all the GPA reforms will be implemented and not the wishy-washy the village idiot Tsvangirai keeps wittering about. Mugabe is not going to be let off the hook this time; you have my word of honour!

As for you, Mara, you are hoping against hope that regime change will never happen. Well it is upon us my friend and you will face justice like the rat you are! You are having sleepless nights already; you should the prospect of losing all your loot and years in Chikurumbi for the innocent blood on your hands is frightening.

The wheel of justices has taken 35 years to catch up with you; you must have thought it has stopped. Well it turns slowly but it turns!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Anesu

We are in this economic and political hell-hole precisely because we have some feeble minded like you who has the vote and so they keep voting village idiots into power.

"To be honest I do not care everyone is corrupt, for me its about who can bring bread and butter on the table," you argue, feebly. Get it in you thick head; you will not have bread and butter on the table if you have corrupt leaders. Look what they are doing in Marange, billions are going into the pockets of a few individuals plus their Chinese and Israeli partners and meanwhile 1.5 million Zimbabweans are facing starvation.

Yes I do have a personal vendetta with not just Joice Mujuru but every Zimbabwean politician who is corrupt and/or incompetent. Millions of Zimbabweans are out of work today, millions have been forced to leave the country to take up any work they can find, millions are living and dying in abject poverty, etc. all because some good for nothing individuals has sat in high office doing nothing but looting and now she wants to get back on the gravy train so she can continue. No I am not welcoming her back into office but telling her here and now to fcuk off.

The days of corrupt and incompetent leaders are over. I know some of these leaders and their supporters think it is a joke but it is not a joke just as the millions who are starving is not a joke.

Zimbabwe Light said...

I agree that if we do not get the democratic reforms implemented then yes Mujuru is the only one with a realistic chance of defeating Zanu PF but, I repeat, if we do not implement the reform. The question then is why are we not implementing the reforms?

Why, because some people have already accepted the defeatist answer that we will never get the reforms implemented just as Tsvangirai did when he "walk wide-eyed into a well lit trap", as you rightly said.

Mujuru has not defeated Mugabe yet, by the way. Even if she wins majority of the seats she is too corrupt and incompetent to neutralize Mugabe and, like Tsvangirai, she will be contend to be a figure head.

Zanu PF is imploding this is the change to force through real democratic changes and not to short change ourselves by settling for a half-way house in the form of Mujuru whom we already know is corrupt and incompetent.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Anesu

Yes people are entitled to their opinion but if that opinion is outrageously stupid like suggesting the nation should accept a corrupt and incompetent leader as the next president then they must be told their opinion is stupid because there is just too much at stake telling them they can hold such a dangerous opinion.

It took some people 20 years to acknowledge Mugabe was a corrupt and murderous tyrant. We cannot afford to wait 30 years for you to finally accept Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent!

If you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen, keep your stupid ideas in your cupcake head, there is the friendly advice.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ anesu

The reality you need to focus on is that Zanu PF is imploding and it is under pressure from the worsening economic meltdown to accept political change. It is time to demand the implementation of all the GPA reforms and not Tsvangirai's stupid wishy-washy electoral reforms. Anyone who wins the fresh free, fair and credible elections, it can be Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa, Mujuru or whoever, will have the mandate to change things and take the country forward. This is the way out any other solution design to appease someone or other is a waste of time and space, it is just kicking the can down the street.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Anesu

Stop arguing in circles, if everyone is corrupt then why bother changing then? You accept Mujuru is corrupt but you will vote for her in the hope that she has changed.

We have a chance to introduce reforms that will radically change Zimbabwean politics and allow competent leaders to emerge are we going to forgo that chance because you want to see if Mujuru has change? How stupid is that?

No wonder we are in this political mess, with people like you we will never ever get out of this mess. Never! You have had your head buried in the sand for too long you need someone to kick your backside!

Zimbabwe Light said...

What is Zhuwao talking about Mugabe has completed half his term; and has he struggled! Did Zhuwao see the video of Mugabe in Turkey? The old man real struggle to walk the 20m. This nonsense that Mugabe must die in office must stop. It is in the nation's interest that he must step down now. Why is he being allowed to put his selfish interest above those of the nation?

Mujuru had 8 provinces out of 10 behind her but where is she now? Zanu PF is a lawless party nothing in that party means anything.

Zimbabwe Light said...

The only way to stop Zimbabwe's culture of political violence is by implementing the reforms call for in the GPA. Does the EU serious believe the clause in the new constitution calling for the Police to act in a "none partisan" manner is enough to end the violence?

As we get nearer and nearer to the elections the violence will get worse. Zanu PF is broke and it is therefore not going to rely on bribing its way into electoral victory as in 2013, it is going to use violence just as it did in 2018!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mara

You are the one who claimed that Mugabe and Zanu PF are invincible not me, I was only reminding you that they are not. The double action of the party imploding and the economic meltdown will force the regime to accept political change just as SADC force Mugabe to sign the GPA. Watch this space! When that happens, this time the reforms will be implemented that you can take as read!

I have told you Mara but will tell you again; Mugabe is finished, we will have regime change! As for you; there is nowhere for an overgrown rat like you to hide, you will have to face the music!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Rakanga Ranble

I have someone who can do an even better job on naming who is best able to rule Zimbabwe - the people. Hear me out!

What we need to do right now in demand the implementation of the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA in 2008. With a free media all aspiring leaders and their parties will be subjected to close scrutiny and the useless rubbish will out within a month and as the going get tough the tough will get going. In the end the country will have three or so leaders who will the worthy leaders for our country.

Democracy works, we have never had the courage to embrace it that is all. People like Tsvangirai and Madhuku pay lip service to democracy - they call for fixed term for leaders, for example, but when that is applied to them the change the constitution.

Good leaders know that they must lead by example because people understand "Do as I say!" but they understand even better "Do as I do!" And the best teacher of all is he who say "Do as I say and do!" and goes out and do even better.

Jesus said I someone hits you on the one cheek offer him the other cheek too. He went on and allowed his enemy flog Him and then crucify Him; how is that for "do as I say and do" and goes out and do even better!

The Greeks came up with democracy as the antidote to autocracy. And all we have to do is copy it and yet 2 500 years later we are still messing around; we condemn Mugabe's autocracy in one sentence and promote our own autocracy in the next!

We love condemn what is there to prove we are smarter and will reinvent something better. So we have ended rejected a circular wheel and produced a triangle. How clever is that!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ mseyamwa

Very true that is why we must forgot forming parties and concentrate on getting the reforms that will free up the media and allow candidates and the public to interact freely. Holding rallies where the leaders cannot guarantee the safety of their supporters is actually being irresponsible. People like Tsvangirai hold the rally and jump into his Benz to leave his supporters to face the brutality of Zanu PF thugs alone. If he should feel threatened he is off like a shot to the Netherlands Embassy. Will they take my aunt if she showed up too??????

Zimbabwe Light said...

Looting church property and disposing of shares belonging to the church in a "make hay while the sun still shines" fashion has backfired on Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and his lieutenants after the High Court ordered him to pay $427 000 as compensation to the Anglican Church.

Bishop Kunonga, who moved out of the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa to form his own church, clung on to the Anglican property for five years while tormenting church members and denying them access to the properties.

At the height of the property control dispute, Kunonga and his followers, including Beaven Mi-chael Ngundu, Alfred Tome, Justin Nyazika and Winter Shamuyarira, decided to dispose of the church's property in the form of shares it owned in various companies.

The unilateral sale of property and shares prejudiced the church members of $427 892

As Zanu PF implodes the regime's soft underbelly will be exposed and the dubious characters like Kunonga who call this home will be the first one to know the regime was using them and now that they are in trouble the tyrant will deny he ever knew them!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Self-believe or self-doubt can be a useful force when they are grounded on reason and will ruin you when it is misplaced self-belief. Zanu PF has blundered from pillar to post and dragged the nation deeper and deeper into economic ruin and despair and yet through it all the party has stood up, led by Mugabe, to drum up their chest like a silver back gorilla. Zanu PF's military victory during the war of independence has left it leaders so buoyant they still believe there is nothing they cannot do.

Mugabe has ploughed on regardless of the growing evidence that what he was doing is not working. He is so full of himself and ability that he believes he is not subject to the same laws of thermodynamics, Economics, etc. like everyone else. Of course it is nonsense!

All they have done is fcuk up the economy and the fabric of society because they are too arrogant to admit they have failed.

Tsvangirai and his MDC crowd have suffered from an inferiority complex they did not need any-one else to tell them they are rubbish they told themselves that every morning it was engraved in their brains. Mugabe and Zanu PF saw that and took full advantage of this for their own selfish reason and took it as their patriotic duty to remind Tsvangirai that he is a puppet.

Deep in his mental psycho Tsvangirai did not believe he could get Mugabe to implement any reforms and so he never tried.

Talk of the self-fulfilling prophesy, it works like a charm with those paralyzed with self-doubt; they will be disappointed if they succeed and they will unconscientiously work for failure so they can have the satisfaction of saying “I expected to fail and so I did!”

We have had the great misfortune of have the worst of both worlds; the boisterous, cocky and over confident Mugabe puffed up like an over filled balloon with self-belief, given to aggressive-ness to cover for his ignorance and stupidity, on the one extreme! On the other extreme the completely deflated Tsvangirai, with no self-respect or poise, always ready and willing to appease Mugabe like a puppy leaking its master.

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mangwengwende

Sadly we have too many Zanu PF in strategic positions and that is way the country has gone to the dogs. If we are serious about getting out of this mess then we must overhaul the whole political system which is exactly what the 2008 GPA had proposed to do. But of course nothing happened because MDC who were tasked to implement the reforms sold-out. Mugabe bribed them to kick the reforms into the tall grass and they took the bribes and kicked the reforms into the tall grass.

The rest of us, the people were not aware of MDC's betrayal because most of us were, politically, on French leave.

If we are still serious about changing this tragic situation that has befallen our nation then we must go back to the GPA reforms and implement them. There is no other way.

Tomana gave in this time but he is still PG and as long as he remains in that post he will continue to serve his master, Mugabe, at the expense of the nation because, like you rightly said, he is a Zanu PF apologist.

Zimbabwe Light said...

"I am told you won the elections in this area that means you are united and being led by our party. You must remain united here in Midlands. We do not want to lose elections in Gweru. We should be united and not be fooled by those who want to divide you and destroy the party. The Zanu-PF aim is to build the nation and we are not like those who do not have a clear past and those who were in our midst who came out (in the) open like Mai Mujuru who wanted to take over power," said Mugabe.

"I did not think that after fighting the colonialists and overpowering them, Mai Mujuru would be-tray us with Madyira (Mr Gumbo), saying she wants to lead ahead of people like Cde Mnangagwa. But we said, 'No, you are traitors and pasi nemhanduuuuu'."

Mnangagwa was set to be elected VP in 2004 and it was none other than Mugabe himself who imposed Mujuru ahead of Mnangagwa. Today Mugabe is telling us the exact opposite. This is a sickening distortion of historic facts to suit one's selfish agenda of greed and murder.

Mugabe falsely accused Mujuru and others of plotting to assassinate him; he has since failed to produce one iota of evidence of the plot.

Zanu PF is imploding and dragging the whole nation into the abyss with it because of his disregard of the rule of law. History knows who has betrayed this nation and dragged us into this political and economic mess.

Zimbabwe Light said...

"We are going to create a special wheelchair for President Mugabe until he rules to 100 years because that is what we want," said Grace.

That is what you, Grace Mugabe, wants and not the people of Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant; the people of Zimbabwe know him for the tyrant he is, they do not want him. You can lie about the people wanting Mugabe to rule but you will never change the facts on the ground that Mugabe has been rigging elections to stay in power!

Zimbabwe Light said...

We are in this hell-hole, stuck with this corrupt and tyrannical regime because the MDC sold-out; you village idiots failed to implement even one single reform in the five years of the GNU. It is really nauseating that the same sell-out idiots should now be taking turns to sanctimonious re-mind us of how corrupt and tyrannical this regime is. So Mr MDC National Executive Member, you are a sell-out; please do us a little favour and shut the fcuk up!

Zimbabwe Light said...

In a clear sign that the ruling party is unsettled by the People First movement believed to be led by liberation struggle stalwart and former vice president Joyce Mujuru, President Robert Mugabe on Saturday pleaded with party supporters in Gweru to forget about Mujuru.

Mugabe falsely accused Mujuru of plotting to assassinate him to justify booting her and her sup-porters out of Zanu PF causing the worst seismic breakup of the party. Zanu PF has been unelectable for years because it has failed to deliver on the nation's hopes and dreams of freedom, liberty, human rights and economic prosperity. So for years it has had to rely on violence and vote rigging to stay in power.

The party was not totally united in 2008 result in the "bhora mushango" in which some disgruntled party supporters voted for the Zanu PF parliamentary candidate but instead of voting for Mugabe, Zanu PF presidential candidate they vote for the opposition presidential candidate or did not vote.

Now with the party official split, Mugabe will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to rig the next elections. Mujuru and her supporters, many of whom are still Zanu PF card carrying members, KNOW how the regime has rigged elections in the past. People First will not be so easily cheated as MDC, for example. As if that was not bad enough, Grace Mugabe's blatant manoeuvring for power is causing even more confusion and disharmony in Zanu PF.

So come the next elections Mugabe may find himself leading an unelectable party with many people in the party only keen to see him humbled, No wonder Mugabe is already sick as a parrot at the prospect of the next elections.

Zimbabwe Light said...

Yes it is true that problems in Africa have not attracted as much coverage as else where but I am sure you will not deny that we, in Africa, have not done ourselves any favours by shooting ourselves in the foot when we have the chance to shoot down our problem. Take our own case, Zimbabwe, for example.

We have mourned about this corrupt, vote rigging and murderous Mugabe regime for donkey years. During the GNU we had the golden opportunity to implement the reforms and dismantle the dictatorship once and for all. We failed to get even one single reform implemented in five years. Not one!

SADC Heads of State, especially President Ian Khama of Botswana went out of his way to encourage Zimbabweans, both MDC leaders and the ordinary people, to implement the reforms but we would not listen.

If we are not interested in solving our own problems we should not complain when the rest of the world turn their backs on us!

Zimbabwe Light said...

She parcelled out tractors, planters, sprayers, fertiliser and other implements running into hundreds of thousands of US dollars.
All the implements were channelled through Zanu PF structures.
The MDC-T has threatened to approach the courts in attempts block Grace’s continued grabbing of implements sourced through an agreement between Zimbabwe and Brazil.
“We said that few days ago that we are seriously considering taking legal action to have her stopped from doing that,” Gutu told last week.
Quizzed by opposition legislators on why Grace, a non-government official, was distrib-uting government assets last month, VP Mnangagwa struggled to defend the practice.
Take the matter to court? Does the MDC forget who owns and controls these courts!

Our problem is that we have a corrupt, vote rigging and tyrannical ruling party on the one hand and corrupt and incompetent opposition on the other. During the GNU, MDC had the chance to implement the democratic reforms which would have ensured the independence of the judiciary; after five years of the GNU they failed to get even one reform implemented. And now MDC idiots like Gutu talk of taking Zanu PF to court forgetting that the judges and everyone in that court house are in Mugabe’s pockets!

What is the point of having an opposition if their collective intellect is worse than that of a village idiot!