Monday, 23 November 2015

Grace Mugabe's "Mafirakureva" Dr Jekyll mask is off to reveal the greed Mr Hyde

Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of (the benevolent national liberation hero and the caring mother to the nation) Dr Jekyll (by day roles) and (the corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant and the greedy shrew) Mr Hyde (by night) for far too long. Over the years the domineering Mr Hyde has emerged again and again in broad day light, brushing aside the weakling and feeble Dr Jekyll. It is not surprising that the nation now knows that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is one and the same person but, better still, Dr Jekyll is the evil Mr Hyde hiding behind a mask of saintly virtue!

"I am called Mafirakureva, I will die for the truth. People have a problem; they are used to blackmailing others so that whenever you say something, they question why you said it," said Grace at her latest Meet the People rallies in Mbare, Harare.

"When you say something bad that you have observed, they say you don't want war veterans. Let me tell you: You will not get me.”

She is the one who is hopping mad because people have dared to question many of her statements and out and out lies. She is now seeking to silence her critics by claiming to hold the moral high ground of one who speaks the truth and will die for the truth to be heard. What she is standing on is not solid ground but rather some hastily erected platform whose legs are already sinking into the quick sad.

This same Grace, Mafirakureva, one who will die for the truth, told us over a year ago now that Joice Mujuru and a number of her supporters were plotting to assassinate Mugabe, a very serious charge, given the said Mugabe is the State President! Once her passion and she has tasted bile, she was bring up bile in buckets, the Mafirakureva gene in her kicked in and she went up and down the country demanding that Mujuru must be “baby dumped”!

Before any evidence was produced to substantial the assassination plot charges, lo be hold Mai Mujuru and many of her supporters were en masse unceremoniously kicked out of Zanu PF and government.

It has been over a year now and still Grace or her husband who did the “baby dumping” have yet to produce one iota evidence of the assassination plot! Of course they cannot produce any evidence of something that never happened. Mafirakureva was not dying for the truth but rather lying through her teeth!

The truth is it was not Mujuru and her supporters who were guilty of plotting unlawful acts but Mafirakureva, her husband and a few others. When Mugabe realized that Mai Mujuru was set to win the VP position in the upcoming elective party congress they decided to falsely accuse her of plotting to murder Mugabe. This was just a cover to justify them kicking her and her supporters out of the party and rigging the party’s electoral process.

They needed to make their assassination cover as convincing as possible and so Mafirakureva set in; even if she drunk a glass full of bile to rouse her rancour, she still would not fooled many people. She is such a mediocre actress; and casting someone who does not know the truth as the champion who is dying for the truth only made the situation even more comical.

Poor, poor Grace her Dr Jekyll mask has fallen off and still she continues her class act pretending to be someone else she is not. She pretends to be Grace Mafirakureva, who die for the truth, and yet we already she is Grace Mugabe who is dying to be president she will lie through her teeth to achieve this goal! 

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