Wednesday, 25 November 2015

MP Cross warns Zim "to pray for rain" because we lack capacity to import 2m tonnes of food!

According to MDC MP Eddie Cross if the rains fail this coming season then Zimbabwe will need to import 1.2 to 2 million tonnes of maize and maize meal for which the country does not have the money to buy the grain, the region does not have port capacity to handle the imports, NRZ does not have the train wagons and locomotive to move the imports and there are no usable silos to store the grain, etc.  
“The last time we faced a basic food shortage of this magnitude was 2008 when the collapse of the agricultural industry, like the whole economy, was at an all-time low driven onto the rocks by massive inflation. There was no money to import our basic needs and our shops were completely empty,” wrote Eddie Cross.
“That year we were saved from a real calamity by the G20 Summit in 2007 where the President of South Africa persuaded the international community to support the process of political reform and change that he was instituting and which would lead to the Government of National Unity in February 2009.”
Tragically the “process of political reform” failed to bring about any political change as at the end of the GNU Zimbabwe did not have the democratic system of government but the same corrupt, vote-rigging and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship the whole process had promised to end.
"Hit the metal whilst it is hot!" or "Make hay whilst the sun shines!" whites say. You should know these adages; you are a “white African”, as you prefer to call yourself. If the rainfall fails as you and others have said then you will be forced to remember that you and your MDC friends got us into this nightmare.

You are right that Zimbabwe will not be prepared to deal with the food crisis and many lives will be lost because of this corrupt and incompetent Mugabe regime. But there is no point in mourning about this corrupt regime because we had a golden opportunity to end the dictatorship during the GNU by implementing the GPA reforms. We failed to get even one reform implemented because some village idiots failed to hit the metal whilst it was hot, failed to make the hay whilst the sun was shining. We both know who those village idiots are!

As time goes and the true cost of the continue Zanu PF dictatorship mount in human suffering and lost human lives MDC leaders will be asked again and again whether the thirty pieces of silver they received from Mugabe to betray the nation was worth it?

“We better all go to Church this Sunday and pray for rain,” concluded Eddie Cross.
Mr Cross, Zimbabwe has had to import food almost every year without exception since the violent and chaotic farm seizures started in 2000. This is happening in a country with some of the best land and great weather for growing crops and farming animals. Until 2000 we not only produced enough to meet our needs but had surplus to keep our silos full and still had plenty left over for exported.
If we were going to have a poor growing season but started with full silos then we would not need to import as much. It is the decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption that have destroyed the country’s railway network, silos, etc. Are you going to ask the nation to pray for train wagons and silos too?
We had starving in the Garden of Eden because of decades of misrule by Mugabe. Are you going to ask God to implement the GPA reforms necessary to end this Zanu PF dictatorship too?
By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground,” commanded the Lord to the retreating figures of the fig-tree leaf clad lovers, Adam and Eve. It was within MDC leaders’ powers to end the Mugabe dictatorship during the GNU and it is for us to create another opportunity to force political reform. God does not do what mankind can do for himself!


Zimbabwe Light said...

All these last 35 years of Zanu PF rule the regime has used the same dirty tactics against its op-ponents and Gumbo and the rest in People First never lifted a finger but now that they are the victims they start to complain. We are not going to get out of this hell hole with people who say one thing today when they are fellow travellers in the fight for freedom and justice but something else when they are in power.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power,” said Abraham Lincoln, USA President.

We know Mujuru, Gumbo, Mugabe, etc. have all been given political power and they all got punch drunk they forgot about freedom, justice, human rights and have even violated the sanctity of human life in their quest for absolute power and insatiable greed for material wealth! Zimbabweans are not going to elect individual they know already to be corrupt and incompetent back into power.

Mujuru and her People First people know Zanu PF has had to rig elections to stay in power, especially these last 15 years. If she wants to get back into power she will have to compete with Mugabe and show she can rig elections better than he can or else stop him rigging the elections!

Zimbabwe Light said...

THE Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) says it is overwhelmed by pris-oners’ population which has exceeded the holding capacity by 12% causing them to struggle to feed inmates.

The country’s prisons have a population of 19 000 inmates against a holding capacity of 17 000.

Early this year, inmates at Chikurubi maximum security prison rioted over hunger result-ing in the death of more than five prisoners and the injury of scores of others after the authorities had opened fire to stop a looming mass escape.

It was also recently reported that inmates at Chikurubi had gone for years without eating meat and only to be rescued by the national parks which supplied them with game meat.

There, but for the grace of God Almighty, goes me!

A nation is judged on how well or badly it treats the weak and helpless in its midst. Whatever crimes these prisoners have committed, still they are human beings and they do not deserve to be treated as if they are sewage rats!