Monday, 23 November 2015

Grace must not evoke God in Mugabe's stay in power when the Almighty had no part in the vote rigging!

"We must thank God that we have a leader like VaMugabe. He is a strong man and has a vision for his people. That is a leader we want. Leadership is not forced on people. If you are a leader, they will love you," said Grace.

Please like Grace must never evoke the name of God in talking of a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant like Mugabe. The people of Zimbabwe have tried repeatedly to get rid of Mugabe but have failed because he has denied them free, fair and credible electoral vote. Mugabe has ruthlessly imposed his “no regime change” mantra on the nation.

“What was achieved by the bullet cannot be changed by ballpoint pen!” he boasted in 2008 before unleashing some of the worst wanton election violence the world has ever seen. Not even SADC and AU elections observers, known for bending election rules to allow substandard elections to get the stamp of approval, could pretend the elections were free and fair. 

SADC and AU certainly did not see it as anything but Mugabe forcing himself on the people in 2008. Grace can say what she pleases but she should never think she can rewrite history to suit her political wish that Mugabe should be president for life.

In 2013 Mugabe blatantly rigged the elections; he has refuse to realise the voters roll to this day, although the law of the land demands that the roll must be made public at least one month before voting day. Mugabe bussed voters from one polling station to the next and committed other election irregularities which would have been proven if he had realised the voters roll. The voters roll was the smoking gun in the 2013 rigged elections.

MDC should have implemented the GPA democratic reforms during the GNU sadly Tsvangirai and his friends sold-out and accepted Mugabe’s bribes for them to do nothing regarding the reforms. Mugabe can claim that the 2013 elections were free and fair all he like but the truth of the matter is that he rigged the vote and his used his tyrannical power to hide the voters roll, smoking gun.

This time last year Mugabe blatantly rigged Zanu PF’s own party elections by fraudulently accusing Mai Mujuru of plotting to kill him to justify kicking her out of the party. Grace was involved in this trickery. A year later not even one iota of evidence has been produced to support the charge. Zanu PF members never had the chance to vote for anyone, Mugabe just appointed the people he wanted. If this is not imposing leadership on the people then what is?

When people like Grace thank God “for Mugabe” they insult the millions of people whose basic human right to a meaningful vote Mugabe has systematically denied and, worse still, they insult God Almighty Himself by insinuating that He was a part to the wanton violence and vote rigging!

I challenge Grace or anyone else who dares to put their hand on the Bible and swear that Mugabe has never rigged elections? Even she knows when not to tempt Providence; she knows Mugabe has been rigging national as well as Zanu PF party elections. 

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