Thursday, 12 November 2015

Zanu PF members asking Mugabe to show leadership qualities and stop faction wars!

“I have been a staunch supporter of Zanu-PF under President Robert Mugabe for more than two decades but it does not make me blind to the realities on the ground,” wrote Cain Manyandure.

“One of the most contentious issues which is slowly eating our party is factionalism and I believe President Mugabe must show his leadership qualities by stopping this rot because if it gets out of hand, the effects will be so devastating. There will be no Zanu-PF to talk about in the near future.”


It is most disconcerting when one who is clearly as blind as a blind-mole claims to see “reality”!


Cain Zanu PF has always had factions and guess who created them, Robert Mugabe and for his own selfish reasons of divide and rule. Last year, for the first time ever, the party members were defying Mugabe’s machinations to congregate behind one leader, Joice Mujuru. Mugabe stepped in to deliberately disrupt this, get rid of Mujuru and then start two new factions and start all over!


As long as there remains a threat to Grace’s ambition to secure the presidency then Mugabe will be after all those he considers a threat; he will be stoking up the factional fires, publicly screaming he is out to stamp out factionalism and thus to create as much noise, smoke and confusion as possible. In the ensuing confusion he will ruthless hunt down all those who threaten his continued rule and his wife’s take over.

You want Mugabe to show “his leadership qualities by stopping this (factional) rot”; what leadership qualities are you wittering about when it is the lack of those very qualities which has turned him to play these deadly divide and rule factional games for 35 years!

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