Sunday, 6 March 2016

Being in Zanu PF "was a learning curve" says Mujuru - what exactly did you learn.

Mai Mujuru and her ZPF are a confused lot; they are condemning Mugabe and Zanu PF one minute and the next minute they are boasting of what they learnt under the dictator.

“If you are in administration, it does not mean that you agree with whatever happens in there. As much as I was part of that administration, it was a learning curve. Mind you, I was there as a young person. I was being inducted when bad things were happening, but I saw that this is not good. Now I want to see good things happen in People First,” Mai Mujuru said.

Only someone as simple minded and naïve as Mai Mujuru would say believe that Mugabe who have set out deliberately to do the wrong thing and, worse still, that “good things (WILL) happen in People First” because she said so!
“Things should be done in an inclusive way, where people say let us rebuild and transform Zimbabwe. With new minds from MDC and all over, I don't think we can go wrong.”

Bull s***t! She spent 34 years as a senior member of an incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical regime that systematically denied millions of people their freedoms, rights, hopes and murdered over 30 000 for selfish political gain and she expect us to believe it was a useful “learning curve”! Madam, what exactly did you learn? How to loot, to rig elections, to murder political opponents and then how to deny these never happened!

As recent as February 2014, Mai Mujuru continued to deny that there was no corruption, for example. She dismissed the stories of George Charamba, Cuthbert Dube and several others in Public Service Medical Aid Society, Council and parastatals who were being paid outrageous salaries and allowances while the respective institution was failing to provide even the most basic service.  She said the stories were “lies and propaganda” being spread by those with a “regime change agenda”!

Even now with the country’s economy in total meltdown and his own party Zanu PF imploding and threatening to drag the nation into the abyss; Mugabe still continues to blame the country’s problems on “the illegal sanctions imposed by the evil British imperialists and their Western Allies”. After 34 years sitting at his feet, the simpleton Mai Mujuru has clearly learned something from Mugabe – how to lie, to rig elections, to loot, etc.

Throughout her 34 years in Zanu PF she had nothing but praise for the party; it was only after she was booted out of the party that she has spoken about the party’s failures. Mai Mujuru and all her former Zanu PF followers are a confused bunch; they are proud of their 34 years in Zanu PF as useful political experience and yet they do not want to be associated with the regime’s pathetic record of economic failure and murderous oppression.

What Mai Mujuru wants us to believe is that all the good apples in Zanu PF left with her and all the bad apples remained with Mugabe. Whilst she will not deny that she and ZPF friends have played their part in the economic mismanagement, the corruption, the vote rigging and even the political murders the process of their being booted out of Zanu PF has purified them completely; they are incapable of doing wrong! A very tall order indeed, only the politically naïve would swallow that!

In case Mai Mujuru and her ZPF friends have forgotten; for the last 16 years we, the ordinary people, have been seeking democratic change. The 2008 GPA was about implementing a raft of democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and deliver the democratic changes including free, fair and credible elections.

There is no doubt that ZPF people know, they are naïve but not that naïve not to know this, that the only to stop the Zanu PF culture of political violence and vote rigging is by implementing the GPA reforms. ZPF members know Zanu PF members “won” their council, parliamentary or senatorial seats in 2013 thanks to MDC’s failure to get even one democratic reform implemented.

Still Mai Mujuru has not called for the implementation of the GPA reforms because she knows ZPF will stand to benefit from the status quo. She has called for an end to the violence because she knows that as long as Zanu PF has control of the state institutions, especially the security organs and judiciary, ZPF will be at a great disadvantage.

Zimbabwe Peace Project has reported 208 cases of political violence in January 2016; 83% the cases were by Zanu PF operatives targeting ZPF supporters! Still Mai Mujuru and the other leaders have not reconsidered their position and demand the full implementation of GPA reforms before elections. They are hoping that the years as Zanu PF membership will give them the edge and stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections.

The signs are we going to hold the next elections with no meaningful democratic reforms having been implemented again and thus have another blatantly rigged elections, a repeat of 2013, or worse a repeat of the 2008 i.e. rigged plus wanton violence. As for which of the two parties, ZPF or Zanu PF, “wins” it is a matter of indifference; what really matters is we would have failed once again to hold free and fair elections and whatever government we get it will be corrupt and incompetent.

Zimbabwe is in a serious political and economic mess and the only way we are going to get out is by implemented the GPA reforms, a pre-requisite for free, fair and credible elections and competent democratic government. Trading in a corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF regime for an equally corrupt and incompetent ZPF regime will not get us out of this mess! 

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