Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I hope Coltart's book is candid about Gukurahundi and GNU - as demanded by history and modernity.

Senator David Coltart's work during Gukurahundi is commendable and anyone who knows anything about those dark days in Zimbabwe's history will know the Senator played a key role in seeking some restorative justice to the victims of the madness. He has been relentless in his demand for those responsible for this outrage to face justice and rightly so too because this matter can never be laid to rest and the wounds heal until justice is done. 

We must never rest in our pursuit justice because in doing so we are sending a clear message that this nation will never ever sweep dirty, especially when it is committed by those in positions of trust, under the carpet. All those who commit serious human rights violation or betray the nation in anyway will be held to account regardless who they are, what office they hold and no matter how long has taken to get them to face justice. 

"Mhoswa hairovi!" as they say in Shona. (The victim may die but the crime will live on!)

Sadly the Senator has soiled his good name by allowing himself to be corrupted by Mugabe during his years in the GNU. As a senior member of the MDC the Senator cannot deny that in failing to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU, MDC sold-out.
 Zimbabwe would not be in this political and economic mess, the tyrannical rule of Zanu PF would have ended with free, fair and credible July 2013 elections, if MDC leaders like Senator Coltart had implemented the reforms. They had five years to implement the reforms, SADC leaders reminded them repeatedly to implement the reforms and they paid no heed. They failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!
Just as the Zanu PF leaders whose hands are red with the innocent blood the shed during Gukurahundi have refused to apologized to the nation for their heinous crime; Senator Coltart and his MDC friends have too refused to apologize to the nation for failing to implement the reforms.
I have bought my copy of Senator Coltart’s book : THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES – 50 YEARS OF TYRANNY IN ZIMBABWE. I hope the Senator was as open and candid in recounting our struggle as justice, history and, most important of all, the modernity of lessons learned as demanded of him and as it is demanded of us all! For him, a heartfelt apology to the good people of Zimbabwe for his part in MDC’s betrayal of the nation during the GNU will be a must! I hope for both our sakes that the Senator has not short changed me, I hate being cheated!


Zimbabwe Light said...

VP Mnangagwa threatens to sue Coltart over the statements attributed to the VP in Coltart’s book.
Many terrible things happened during Gukurahundi and those in power have tried to sweep them under the carpet. We cannot have a clean house with a lot of filth under the carpet, especial such a large volume of dirty it has left mountains and valleys in the carpet and the stench and fungal spores emanating from the decaying dirty has made the house unliveable.

Gukurahundi is an unfinished chapter in the nation's history, an open wound that must be ad-dressed.
The wheels of justice has been very slow, 33 years is a long time, still the wheels were turning and have finally caught up with those responsible for the Gukurahundi madness. VP Mnangagwa and all those responsible for the madness must now face the music like man!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mikis

The world and more specifically every Zimbabwean knows that MDC did not implement even one during the GNU because if they had done so they would have dismantled Zanu PF dictatorship and stopped the regime blatantly rigging the 2013 elections. We would not be in this hell-hole if the last elections had been free, fair and credible.

Did it ever occur to you that Coltart should have implemented the reforms and then written his book on how MDC successfully end the Zanu PF dictatorship and delivered democracy complete with free, fair and credible elections not only in 2013 but for generations to come? That would have been a book and history worth writing and reading!

You really have your priorities upside down and inside out; you "commending a brave Coltart for writing" about how he and his MDC friends had sold-out the whole nation but have no sympathy for millions, the real victims of this betrayal. They are suffering and dying right now and will continue to suffer and die in misery for generations (it will take at least two generations to recover from this mess).

Someone has to stand up for the millions MDC betrayed, even if those millions, do not under-stand how they were betrayed. I care more about betraying them than I care about betraying with a totally misplaced selfish ego and cannot even think!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Patrick I met Coltart and I thought him a smart man but his lacklust performance during the GNU has been a rude wake up call. I have read most of the chapters of his book relating the events during the GNU; the man is breathtakingly incompetent, corrupt, naive and arrogant.

He started his book by quoting Mugabe saying the only place he wanted Coltart to be in Zimbabwe was prison. Throughout the years in the GNU Mugabe found he could toy with Coltart just as easily as he toyed with Tsvangirai, Mujuru, Muzenda, Biti, etc. Coltart allowed Mugabe to do as he pleased and even went out of his way to praise the murderous tyrant even when is was clear the tyrant was dragging the nation into hell. In the end Mugabe told Coltart he could work with him!

I am please Coltart wrote the book because now we have eye-witness account of how dysfunctional the GNU was, how breathtaking incompetent, corrupt and useless MDC leaders were and most important of all how totally unworkable the present political system is. If we are serious about having a democratic Zimbabwe complete with free, fair and credible elections then we must revert back to implementing the reforms. There is no other way out. Implementing the electoral reforms is just a waste of time and treasure!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Zanu PF pushing for life presidency.

Zanu PF's appetite to retain power is stronger than ever, regardless the party imploding and the economy in total meltdown!