Tuesday, 22 March 2016

War vets raise stakes through the roof by demanding Mugabe fire 8 key G40 leaders.

Last week Mugabe agreed to meet the war vets who have found themselves being kicked round like a football in Zanu PF’s factious factional wars. The war vets have set Mugabe an impossible task ahead of the meeting; the want him to fire VP Phelekezela Mphoko and seven other top G40 faction leaders including Mugabe’s pompous nephew Minister Patrick Zhuwao!

"The war veterans are the owners of Zanu PF. Zanu PF cannot afford to ignore its forces in as much as Zanu and Zapu could never have ignored Zipra and Zanla," said Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya.

"We are the foundation of the party and the party must take what we say very seriously. The vote of no-confidence has been passed and must be executed, that is what we expect."

Ever since the demise of Joice Mujuru and her supporters when Grace Mugabe and her G40 faction turned their attention on Mnangagwa and his faction the dog-eat-dog fight has been fierce but never has the stakes been this high! Ever since Mugabe unleashed the Police with tear-gas and water cannon on the war vets led by then Minister Chris Mutsvangwa, a known Mnangagwa loyalist, the war vets have been on a war footing, itching for a fight!
Robert Mugabe now has a hell of fight in his hands; his own continued rule is at stake here!
Zanu PF is imploding because the party has become so autocratic it has moved from a one-party dictatorship to a one-man dictatorship and, as if that was not bad enough, the one-man dictator has become nothing more than a ventriloquist dummy in his very ambitious wife's hands. Ever since Grace Mugabe burst on the political stage in August 2014, she has made no secret that she wanted to succeed her husband as president and she will be telling what to do to ensure her dream comes true.

Grace told her husband to "baby dumped" Joice Mujuru and her supporters in 2014 and he did.  With Mujuru out of the way Grace and her newly formed G40 faction turned their attention on the next threat to her presidential ambition, Emmerson Mnangagwa his allies. Sadly after a year and half of hurrying and harassing Mnangagwa and his allies, the G40 faction has still remained too weak and feeble to deliver a knockout punch on their rivalry faction.
The Mnangagwa faction, unlike the Mujuru faction before it, has been able to fight back again and again. The war vet’s vote of no confidence against VP Mphoko and demand for seven senior G40 leaders to be fired from the party is without the Mnangagwa faction’s cleanest and heaviest direct body blow on G40 and indirect blow on Grace and Mugabe himself. Depending how Mugabe hands this, it may well prove to be the KO punch for G40, Grace and Mugabe himself!
Grace Mugabe has surprised many people at how close she has come to seizing the presidency in the short period of two years. Her meteoric rise through the ranks was because she came riding the dragon, Robert Mugabe,  whom every in Zanu PF feared and did not dare question why everyone else had to take the torturous high road to office whilst she did not.

Grace has come close to inheriting the crown but she will never wear it. She has a loud and foul mouth but no brain hence the reason why she has failed to attract any followers in her G40 faction. Grace’s Achilles’ heel was that she failed to realise that people feared the dragon she was riding but had nothing but contempt for the one riding it.
Indeed, when the people realized it was her telling Mugabe what to do they even became emboldened by their fury. The nation will never forget Jabulani Sibanda’s contemptuous dismissal of Grace’s attempts to launch her political career as a “bedroom coup”. And now the war vets are publicly slapping Mugabe in the face with this unprecedented demand for him to destroy his wife’s G40 faction!
If Mugabe was to fire Mphoko and the other G40 members that would constitute the greatest political climb down of his political career and, worse still, he will not have a single ally left in the party and government. He will be left with no choice but to resign!
On the other hand the war vets will lose face and influence if Mugabe was to defy their demands and refuse to fire any of the G40 leaders; it will be said Mugabe mollified the war vets with a piece of meat just as he did with the Zanu PF Youth and Women’s League members before their respective  2014 conference!


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Piet
There are two issues here that must be kept separate. There is the issue of war vets like Sibanda and Chinotimba whom Mugabe has used to terrorize the people to help him stay in power. These are thugs who have betrayed the revolution and the nation.

Then there is the issue of the nation giving war vets financial or other assistance. This is a noble idea and the help must be given on the basis of the need, in the past it was the chefs who have received the fattest pay-outs, and what the nation can afford, destroying the nation's economy to benefit a few will not help anyone in the long run as we have seen.

Zimbabwe Light said...

In February 2014, just a few months before Joice Mujuru was kicked out of Zanu PF, she addressed a Zanu PF Women's League denying that there was corruption in the country. She was specifically denying the stories of CEO of PSMAS Cuthbert Dube and Harare Town Clerk who were getting $500 000 and $40 000 a month yet the respective institutions were failing to the most basic service the members and ratepayers were paying for.

Now she is no longer in Zanu PF and thus free to talk without fear of the Official Secrecy Law; she continues to lie. Mugabe has just admitted that $15 billion worth of diamonds were looted from Marange; are we to believe that as VP Mai Mujuru knew nothing of this and her hands are clean?

Frank Badza, a war vet, confessed that war vets have been harassing, beating and even killed opposition supporters to help Zanu PF win elections since 2000. He confessed and asked for forgiveness at a ZPF rally in Masvingo. Would Mai Mujuru want to revise her bull statement that she saw "no vote rigging" she gave to the UK paper a few weeks ago on the subject!

Mai Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and all the other ex-Zanu PF leaders now in ZPF are all guilty of mismanagement, corruption and brutal political oppression and by denying these things they insult every Zimbabwean, especially those at the coal face of the tragic consequences of 36 years of misrule.

If Mai Mujuru and her ZPF fiends cannot be trusted to come clean of their checked past, a past that is an open book there for all to see; how can the nation trust them not to revert back to their old ways if they are elected back into power. They are not fighting to get back into power to give the nation a clean start but rather to carry on from where they left after they were booted out of Zanu PF. Having claimed they have clean hands, they will only seek to destroy all evidence of their dirty past.

ZPF will never ever implement the democratic reforms the country needs to dismantle the one-party dictatorship and to replace it with a healthy functional democracy. Mai Mujuru and the rest in ZPF are coy about their Zanu PF past because it is in their nature, DNA, to lie and be coy; their true nature of being incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical will come out the minute they are back in office.

We want a democratic Zimbabwe and not a Zanu PF dictatorship in all but name which is what ZPF are offering!

Zimbabwe Light said...

Mai Mujuru is really more naive than I ever imagined! She claims her hands are clean because Zanu PF would have revealed all her dirty past by now. It is has "over year now", she said in triumph! Her former Zanu PF colleagues might just as well say the same; they hands are squeaky clean because it is now over a year and Mai Mujuru has not split the beans.

So we have a situation here where $15 billion (Mugabe admitted but the sum is ten times that at least) worth of diamonds were looted from Marange and everyone involved says their hands a squeaky clean; a conundrum. We know the looting took place just as certainly as we know Ma-range exist. This is no conundrum at all, there is no doubt that those claiming to have squeaky clean hands are lying!

Mai Mujuru has amassed a fortune that she cannot explain from her salary and allowances, generous as they were.

Mai Mujuru is nothing more than a little boy caught red-handed with an empty cookie jar, covered to his eyes in crumbs, with his mouth stuffed and yet still pleads his innocence. It is most worrying when someone carries on the innocent naivety of childhood into adulthood and, worse still, expects to be entrusted with the destiny of a whole nation!

Mai Mujuru and her ZPF cabal have already proven beyond all doubt that they are incompetent and corrupt; it will be folly to entrust them again with the destiny of this nation after all the mess they made the 34 years they were in power!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mbofana

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company - when marketing his all-black Model-T cars - had a penchant for saying to his customers, 'You can choose any colour you like, as long as it is black!'
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's recent speech at the official opening of the Ezekiel Guti University, about ZANU PF's 'democracy' reminded me of this anecdote, but this time it would be, 'You can choose any leader you like, as long as it is Mugabe!'
Mugabe would go on to rig the vote and tell everyone he won and he is the people’s choice. What is surprising is even when he blatantly rigs the elections as he did in 2008 and 2013; it is amazing how many Zimbabweans have accepted the lie that he was the popular choice in a free vote. They have accepted the result because it was the easier path to follow.
Ford customers went somewhere else to buy their cars forcing Henry Ford to change; now the customer is king. In Zimbabwe Mugabe blatantly rigs not only presidential elections but parliamentary elections too this why calls for MPs to impeach Mugabe for looting $15 billion were just hot air. Those Zanu PF MPs owe their seats to Mugabe and so they will do his bidding and never listen to what the people say!