Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mujuru said nothing about Gukurahundi out of "respect" of Mugabe - disrespectful of 20 000 dead.

Mai Mujuru is one of those individuals who should pay heed to the advice “It is better to say nothing and be assumed a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Throughout her 34 years at the heart of political power, she has kept her mouth shut; even when the situation demanded action, she has said nothing and done nothing.

For a year and half after she was unceremoniously booted out of Zanu PF in 2014, she still kept her mouth shut and kept the nation guessing what kind of a fool she is. But as an aspiring president of the country she had no choice but come out of her shell.

As the leader of her new political party, Zimbabwe People First, Mai Mujuru has said more in the last two months than she has said in 34 years in Zanu PF. Worse still, she has removed all doubt that she is a fool!

“In the 1980s, we had Gukurahundi and the violence that took place in the country all happened while you were in government, why didn't you speak?” Fungi Kwaranba asked Mai Mujuru.

“Some of us were questioning these things, why are you doing these things to our people and People First is now looking to do things differently to save Zimbabwe,” replied.

She did not answer the question and so Fungi tried again. “But were you afraid of confronting the president when those things were happening?”

“It is not because people are afraid, there is a difference between being afraid and being respectful,” came the reply.

“When respect goes beyond respect it becomes fear but some end up abusing that respect. I don't know why people get to that level when they forget about respect and start abusing it.”

Zimbabweans, especially our political leaders, are renowned for their total indifference to the heart-breaking suffering and even deaths of other peoples. What makes the political leaders’ indifference even more unbearable is that, more often than not, it is their selfish greed that is behind the tragic and otherwise avoidable suffering and deaths. Zimbabwe is one such case!
Ever since Zimbabwe attained her independence 36 years ago, Mai Mujuru and her fellow Zanu PF cronies have committed many acts of satanic barbarism against the good people of this country; from wholesale corruption and looting that has left the nation so impoverished it has no money to buy even the basic necessities like drugs, to blatantly vote rigging of elections so the people are powerless to remove the regime from office right up to the regime committing foul murder against the defenceless people for the sole selfish purpose of establishing a one party dictatorship.

When Mai Mujuru, a senior member of the regime for 34 years, is asked why she never said or did something to stop all the reckless abuse of power and brutal repression; she does not apologized for what happened but wittered some nonsense about respect.

Indeed, instead of showing any sign of remorse over the brutal deaths of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans sacrificed by the regime in the 34 years she was part and parcel of Zanu PF she was more concerned that Mugabe abused the respect she showed him in saying nothing and doing nothing to stop the regime’s satanic barbarism.

In February 2014 Mai Mujuru denied that there was no corruption in government owned institutions like Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS). It was all lies spread by those with a “regime change agenda” she said in one of the rare occasions she opened her mouth. She was denying the salary scandal of Cuthbert Dube, CEO of PSMAS, who was paid $500 000 a month when the society was failing to pay its bills.

Fungi did not ask Mai Mujuru whether or not she or her late husband have been involved in any corrupt activities. The nation cannot wait to hear what she will have to say on that!

After 34 years in power Mai Mujuru and many of her ZPF friends are as guilty of being incompetent and corrupt as her former Zanu PF colleagues just because they were booted out of the later did not wash them clean of their past. The cold indifference Mai Mujuru continues to show to the tragic human misery she, Mugabe and the other Zanu PF members have caused is proof ZPF is not a democratic party but a tyrannical dictatorship in the mould of Zanu PF. 

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