Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mugabe "ordered" 2008 wanton violence, Bhasikiti said - the truth is coming out.

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the form Masvingo Province Resident Minister until he was booted out together with Mujuru and others in the new party ZimPF, has started to spill the beans on Mugabe. Bhasikiti told VOA Studio 7 that it was Mugabe himself who ordered the army to spearhead the orgy of political violence designed to reverse the presidential run-off election result after the tyrant lost the initial March 2008 vote.

Mugabe ordered the army to be involved in the elections. “Mugabe is the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and the army cannot leave the barracks without his authority,” explained Bhasikiti.

“What happened is that there was full realization that the people had lost confidence in the Zanu-PF leader and then the only way to salvage the disappointment and embarrassment was for him as the commander in chief to command the military to salvage the loss…members of the opposition had stopped voting, they just went into hiding including their leader, and then, you cannot say there was an election, even the Government of National Unity was not warranted.”

The truth cannot be hidden for long, it will always come out and when it does, watch out!

Mugabe has the headache of the worsening economic meltdown; three and half decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruptions have taken a heavy toll on the national economic it is now in a nose dive. His ZimAsset economic recovery plan is dead in the water no donor, not even his “all weather” Chinese friends were prepared to bank-roll the $27 billion hare-brain scheme.

As if the economic meltdown was not enough of a headache for the tyrant, Zanu PF is imploding as party members engage in a factional war for control of the party after his death – they can all sense that the end is near.

As if the economic meltdown and Zanu PF imploding was not enough trouble for the old and sickly tyrant now his former party members, the likes of Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Didymus Mutasa, are spilling the beans about his dirty past. Now the leak has started there is no stopping it and each new revelation will be more damaging than the last.

There is no doubt that Bhasikiti knows a lot more that he has said so far; he was actively involved in the transporting some of the thugs who carried out the violence in Masvingo. Mugabe appointed him Minister as a reward for “a job well done!”

Mugabe is an incompetent, corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant but for the best part of his 36 years in power he has been lucky to successfully hide the true Robert Mugabe and project himself as the cunning Pan Africanist statesman. At 92 years of age he is the only person I know with jet black hair; it is thinning especially at the top but still jet black. Sadly he has not been as successful at hiding his murderous persona as he was at hiding his silver white hair!

His long life has been a curse and not a blessing; he will go to his grave knowing that the whole world now knows that he is an incompetent and murderous tyrant! 


Zimbabwe Light said...

President Robert Mugabe claims that at least $15 billion was carted off Zimbabwe's coffers from diamond proceeds could be a classic case of "a thief reporting themselves to police", an influential gems lobby group, Global Witness, has said.

This is another important piece of evidence proving that Mugabe rigged the last elections; he looted billions of dollars to fund his election campaign. Money he then used in various vote rigging schemes. It is no secret that Mugabe spend millions on PR companies in UK and USA to spruce his public image, bought a new car for each of his Zanu PF parliamentary candidates to use in the campaign, etc.

It is ironic that Mugabe is using the wealth from the diamonds, which should have been used to give all Zimbabweans a better life, to keep himself in power so he can fleece the people even more driving them deeper and deeper into poverty and despair!

Zimbabwe Light said...

We cannot even hold free and fair elections without fighting and killing each other! It is times like this that I am forced to admit that I am ashamed to be a Zimbabwean!