Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Gutu, MDC-T condemns "unlawful crushing" of RTUZ demo - mother hen making a racket but will not sue!

MDC-T spokesman Obert Gutu condemned the Police harassment and ban of civil servants demonstrations demanding government pay them their December wages and bonus. “Mugabe's Zanu-PF regime is now a de facto terrorist organisation,” he said.

For a lawyer Obert Gutu, is as stupid as they come but, worst of all, he is always showing off!

“Section 59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe states that every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions, but these rights must be exercised peacefully. Of late, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and other organs of the State security apparatus have ruthlessly and unlawfully clamped down on peaceful demonstrations,” Gutu stated.

Yes section 59 of the constitution say people are allowed to hold peaceful demonstrations but Gutu should also know that the same constitution grants Mugabe the power to formulate security policy as he alone sees fit and necessary to maintain law and order. In other words if Mugabe should stipulate that the ZRP must ban all public demonstrations then all public demonstrations will be banned! 

When the first draft of the new constitution was first realised for public scrutiny in July 2012, MDC was warned again and again that the constitution has weak and feeble to deliver the democratic freedoms and rights it supposed to deliver and guarantee. Mr Gutu and his fellow MDC leaders ignored the warning and campaigned for a yes vote in the March 2013 referendum. They assured the nation the new constitution all the freedoms and rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections.

The new constitution failed its first real test a few months later in July 2013 when it failed to deliver free and fair elections. People have since learnt there are many other freedoms and rights that denied them although they are clearly state in the constitution because like all weak and feeble constitution the freedoms and rights are given in one sections and taken away in the next!

Obert Gutu is making a big song and dance about section 59 giving the right to demonstrate to impress the impressionable public but is silent about section(s) giving Mugabe the power to take away the same right like a scatter-brain mother hen chasing after an eagle that has snatched her chick. 

When I was a boy my mother had a scatter-brain hen that lost all her first brood of chicks to the eagle within a few days; she lost the second brood two or three weeks. Each time the eagle snatched one of her chicks the hens would flap her wings so vigorous and make a real racket chasing after the eagle!

On one occasion she went after the eagle as usual. She had not realized there were two eagles; the second eagle was swooping for her. She got away just in time!

The day the hen lost the last chick of her third brood it was the cooking pot for mizz scatter brain! 

“On Monday, January 4,2016 in Harare, the Police unlawfully blocked a protest march that was organised by the Rural Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) to press government to urgently release civil servants' December salaries,” raved the irate mother hen, Obert Gutu. “The MDC unreservedly condemns the high - handed and unlawful action by the Police in violently crushing a peaceful demonstration.”

If you are as irate and sure of your legal standing on this; sue Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri and put an end to Zanu PF lawlessness once and once for all instead issue all these press statements full of sound and fury but signifying nothing!  

It is intolerable enough already that people are still being denied the basic freedoms and rights but all this charade of irate mother hen defiance by MDC officials is adding insult to injury. MDC wasted the nation’s golden opportunity to have a democratic constitution, five years and over $100 million writing this weak and feeble constitution which MDC officials like Obert Gutu still goes through the theatricals pretending it is worth the paper it is written on. 


Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mukanya

I thought the core business of the MDC during the GNU was "to see democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe" as you rightly say, by implementing the raft of democratic reforms. They failed to get even one reforms implemented. Not one!

Today, because they want to be elected back on the gravy train, MDC want to tell the nation they are back to "seeking democracy and freedom". They refuse to explain what happened during the GNU or apologize for selling-out.

I say these MDC leaders are corrupt and incompetent individuals, they are no different from Mugabe and his corrupt, vote rigging and murderous thugs; they are all here to take the nation for a ride and it would be folly to allow this charade to go on!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Choto

Zanu PF has thugs like war vet, Chipangano, etc. who can be mobilized at the drop of a hat to make sure any demo billed as peaceful is not peaceful. Indeed the regime has only to look at the subject matter of the demo and that is enough for it to decide to ban or approve the demo.

The weakness of the constitution comes in failing to give the agrieved and/or parliament any opportunity question the basis of these politically motivated bans. Mugabe's wish is law because he is above the law. Of course a constitution that grants someone such dictatorial powers is not worth the paper it is written on.

Gutu is a lawyer and he and his fellow MDC friends should have foreseen this when they drafted the new constitution. They were warned of this but would not listen. Now the village idiot is wasting the nation time grand standing making a racket like the scatter brain irate mother hen! I, for one, have no patience with such village idiots; none!

Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Mbanje

“Wilbert tati isu we are aware of MDC blunderings. Don't lecture us as if we are numbskulls. Currently MDC is the nearest we have to some form of alternative to ZANU,” you said.

Out of your own mouth comes your judgement!

So you are “aware of MDC blunderings”! I would say a party that had five years to implement something as critical as the democratic reforms which; if implemented would have changed the course of this nation’s history forever, instead of death and despair this nation will have life and hope; and yet failed to get even one reform implemented more than “blundered”. These men and women are breathtakingly corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs! Still I will accept your choice of words, in the hope that you have a very limited vocabulary but nonetheless fully appreciate the gravity of these men and women’s betrayal.

“Currently MDC is the nearest we have to some form of alternative to Zanu PF,” you said in the next breath. Mugabe and Zanu PF are corrupt, vote-rigging and murderous thugs and they must go but only a first class “numbskull”, your word not mine, would replace them with breathtakingly corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs!

Of course there are competent, visionary and quality Zimbabweans out there to replace Mugabe and Zanu PF with but they are not going to emerge in the present political envi-ronment. You will never have a world-class athlete like Usain Bolt take part in a race in Zengeza Sport Ground where most of the track is a river of raw sewage!

Mugabe has polluted and poisoned the country’s political system scarring away all the competent and quality men and women. Blundering village idiots like Tsvangirai, desperate for power and accolades, who do not mind running in a river of s***t and see the thinned starting line as an opportunity for them to win.

If we are serious about getting out of this political and economic mess then we, the people, must insist on implementing all the GPA reforms and clean-up our political system. We want competent and quality leaders, then we must first create a political system that allows cream to rise to the top. Only scum will rise to the top in the present totalitarian dictatorship, only a first-class numbskull will expect cream!

The task before us is to ensure all the GPA reforms are implemented a democratic system of government will allow quality leaders to emerge. Why are you worrying yourself sill with who is going to be the leader when you have not implemented the reforms! Why are you straining your eyes to see what is in the distant horizon and not taken in what is right in front of you!