Thursday, 14 January 2016

Zim needs "new government" Musewe us again but again fails to say how - the devil is in the detail plan or lack of it!

“If the poverty and degeneration around us is not an indicator of complete failure for ZANU (PF), then what is? If 90% unemployment, widespread poverty and lack of food security for many is success, then I cannot imagine what failure is,” wrote Vince Musewe.
“In my opinion, no amount of reframing the problems we face or leadership change within ZANU (PF) will change these facts. What the country needs is a new government, a new paradigm, a new beginning.”

Could not agree with you more Vince, we definitely "needs is a new government, a new paradigm, a new beginning". Those of us old enough have been alive in 1980 or later in 2008 would tell you that is exactly what we thought we would get but look where we are today. The devil is always in the detail, we failed to produce a detailed plan of how we would get the just, free and prosperous Zimbabwe we wanted and got serious lost.

He who fails to plan; plans to fail!

Vince, you did not say how we are going to have this new government and what would constitute a new government and beginning. Just to make sure you, I and the reader are on the same page on this; a Tsvangirai and/or Mujuru government would NOT constitute a new anything. These two are corrupt and incompetent; we already know that and therefore it would be foolish to pretend they are the competent and visionary leaders the nation should be seeking.

The new government and beginning will only come from implementing all the GPA reforms Tsvangirai failed to implement during the GNU.

There are more quality debates on this internet site and the few other independent sites in one month than one would get from going through all Zimbabwe’s parliamentary records of the last 36 years! The number of quality debates would increase tenfold if the country had a functional free media so that all present the public print, radio and TV media are finally doing what they should have been doing all these years i.e. promote freedom of expression and open debate instead of brainwashing our people.

One of the GPA reforms to be implemented is media reform.

All aspiring leaders will be taken through the mill of this dynamic free media, freedom of expression, open debate and democratic competition to separate the grain from the chaff. A healthy and functional democracy will not deliver the Albert Einstein of politics, because there are not many geniuses out there; what it will do is deliver the best there is.

I have said it once and will say it again; implement all the GPA reforms and let democracy work its magic. Implementing all the GPA reforms is the key to open the door to new era of good and stable government in Zimbabwe.

Before the 2013 elections, SADC Heads of State advised Tsvangirai and MDC not to take part in the elections until all the reforms were implemented. Sadly MDC paid no heed landing us in this political and economic mess of a corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe government. SADC’s advice was good back then and it is still good today. We must insist on having all the reforms implemented before the next elections.

To argue that we must not demand the implementation of the reforms because Mugabe will never agree to their implementation is to completely miss the point! We have allowed Mugabe to dictate, hence the reason he is a dictator, for the last 36 years and look where he has landed us? If we are serious about getting out of this mess then we cannot allow Mugabe to dictate to us anymore. Indeed the very essence of implementing the democratic reforms is to dismantle the dictatorship. Of course being a dictator he would not want the dictatorship dismantled.

We are seeking a new government and new beginning; we are seeking what we, the people of Zimbabwe, want and not what Mugabe wants!

We are on the threshold of political change; the present system is unsustainable and is set to change, that much is clear. In 1980 we were on the threshold of change but instead of getting the free and democratic Zimbabwe we fought for we got this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship.

In 2008 the nation was once again on the threshold of political change, the nation voted for democratic change only to be betrayed by MDC. The opportunity to bring about change was wasted; Mugabe bribed Tsvangirai and his MDC friend to kick all the reforms into the tall grass. If we are not careful the upcoming change will not deliver a new and better Zimbabwe because history has the habit of repeating itself.

If we are serious about getting a new and better Zimbabwe we must be clear what we need to do to get it and then keep our eyes on the ball. We have waited for 36 years and counting for free, fair and credible elections – this is the pre-requisite for good and stable democratic government and our only way to end the economic meltdown – our wait will be over if we get all the 2008 GPA reforms implemented!   

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Zimbabwe Light said...

@ Patrick

Musewe knows that the promise of the $1 trillion economy, just as Mugabe promised the people "gutsa ruzhinji" (mass prosperity) many people will think nothing of losing their freedom and democratic rights including the right to free and fair elections and even the right to life.

They have yet to understand that only those who are not certain they will deliver their economic promises would want to take the advance insurance against the people removing them from power because they failed by denying the people the power to do so well in advance. Indeed as soon as such regimes are in power they will spend more time eating away the people's democratic power to remove them from office than in trying to deliver on their economic promise.

As Ghana's first post independent president, Khame Nkrumah, once said "First secure the political rights and the rest will follow!" It makes perfect sense; if you give up your political power of those in power how else are you going to force them to keep their promise to you?

You do not give someone political power over you and then give up the free vote, you only power to hold them to account for the power your entrusted onto them. Your vote is your insurance they do not abuse the power given to them. If they do not want to be held to account then why are they seeking public office?

Sadly our people have yet to learn this first political lesson, never to trust anyone with political power unless you are sure you can hold them to account.