Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mugabe cannot take "honest criticism" says Gumbo - failed to to so when it mattered most!

Rugare Gumbo says Mugabe is an autocrat who cannot take honest criticism.
“His major problem is that he cannot distinguish between criticism and betrayal and this has been his biggest undoing,” said Rugare.
Yes Mugabe is an autocrat with authoritarian and totalitarian tendencies and, like all other autocrats, has failed to distinguish between honest criticisms and betray. But Rugabe Gumbo must accept that he and his former Zanu PF colleagues are all at fault for failing to create a political system that forced leaders to accept honest criticism and healthy democratic competition.
Gumba, Mujuru and the rest of the monkey troop kicked out of Zanu PF last year have worked with Mugabe for donkey years, they knew of Mugabe’s vote rigging antics including the use of brutal and lethal violence, for example. They have all done nothing to stop him because they benefited from it.
After the barbarism of the 2008 elections and the unique opportunity afforded by the GNU one expected any man or woman with a heart and conscience to implement the democratic reforms religiously for the good of the nation. And yet once again Gumbo and his Zanu PF cronies did not lift a finger; they allowing Mugabe to bribe and bamboozle “green horn” Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC village idiots into kicking the reforms into the tall grass.
Mugabe went on to blatantly rig the July 2013 national elections and Gumbo and other said nothing. It was over a year since the rigged elections that Mugabe sacked Gumbo, Mujuru and 150 other Zanu PF bigwigs. What Rugare Gumbo and his fellow sacked friends have failed to appreciate is whatever they said to criticize Mugabe was small fry compared to the treasonous outrage of rigging national elections and they had said nothing about that one.
Zimbabweans will never again be fooled by individuals like Rugabe Gumbo, Joice Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai and many others who have cover their heads with ash and shed many a tear in defence of freedom, justice, human rights and human dignity to win the people’s confidence and vote. But as soon as they get into power they have forgotten their promises to be champions of freedom, etc. and even inherit the mantra of the corrupt and tyrannical oppressors themselves.
When their position in power should be threatened in any way they have once again pretended they cared about freedom and the suffering masses. The people are sick to the back teeth of the charade the straight face of a seasoned prostitute wearing a chastity veil!
Rugare Gumba and his Mujuru camp friends are victims of Mugabe’s capricious tyrannical tendencies but they cannot deny that they all nurtured and have benefited from lawlessness until the tyrant turned his rage on them. We, the ordinary people, on the other hand have been victims of his murderous tyranny throughout. We are pleased, yes very pleased, Gumbo and others are finally having a taste of tyranny they have done so much to create and, yet pretend, it was not there.
Whatever you say, Mr Gumbo, whatever you suffer at Mugabe’s hands please remember that you will never again be one of us! You will never again win our trust and our free vote!

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