Thursday, 28 January 2016

Musewe dumps Tsvangirai for Biti but still against reforms - the honey bird with the twitchy tail.

Comrade Vince Musewe has jumped ship; he has left the Tsvangirai and Mujuru led coalition project he had tried hard to promote, he has now joined People Democratic Party, led by Tendai Biti.

“What needs to be done is to move away from the mere analysis of the situation to the application…” said Musewe after his announced move.

“There is lack of general appreciation of what needs to be done.”

“We need to think before we act, having looked at the country’s 42 (political) parties, there is nothing so far in place as better (good) as PDP,” he said.

After all the months trying in vain to sell the corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai and Mujuru as quality leaders, he has clearly not yet learned that he cannot make a silk purse from a sower’s ear because Tendai Biti is just as corrupt and incompetent. When he jumped into bed with Tsvangirai he had clearly forgotten his on advice “to think before we act”.

However, it is Musewe’s arrogance, Mister-know-it-all attitude, on the economy and how to end the political crisis that should worry us all. Above he said the nation must move away from the mere analysis (on the contrary, Mugabe has stifled all meaningful debate ignorance and fear rule supreme, there is more quality debate in independent media than in parliament; we need to implement the GPA reforms so there free media and freedom of expression and really open up public discussion on everything) and go into the application stage. 

Yet in the next breath he readily and rightly admits “there is lack of general appreciation of what needs to be done”! There is no one more dangerous than a Mister-know-it-all who is himself confused!

If there is lack of appreciation of what one is doing then, surely, one must stop and analysed thoroughly from all possible angles and not plough on heedlessly. One of the contributory factor to Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess in 36 years of blundering from pillar to post because no one has dared to stop and carry out a proper evaluation of the problem.

The indigenisation law, for example, was passed with no meaningful debate and not even the Zanu PF cronies who were supposed to benefit from by buying the 51% shares have not benefited because would be foreign investors have shied away from the country. Zimbabwe has lost billions of dollars of FDI every year and millions of jobs. Yet this obnoxious law still remains on the statute because Mugabe, Mister-know-it-all, with no regard to what everyone else or the facts on the ground will not repeal the law.

If there are free and fair elections we will finally rid ourselves of Mugabe and Zanu PF; the last thing we want is get rid of one Mister-know-it-all only to replace him with another!

Mugabe and his Zanu PF cabal have messed up the nation’s economy; many of them, like Grace Mugabe, have no clue what is required to fix the economy and the few who know lack the political will and resolve to get the job done. Still anyone who thinks the terrible and dangerous state of Zimbabwe’s economy has dampened Mugabe and his Zanu PF colleagues’ appetite to remain in power in any way could not be more wrong.

If anything the country’s worsening economic meltdown has sharpened their hunger to stay in power at all cost hence the dog-eat-dog factional war. They all know that the losers will be forced to join the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans now living in abject poverty. Come the national elections, Zanu PF will be throwing the kitchen sink, anything and everything at the opposition to make sure they win and stay in power.

“There is too much political consideration and too much patriotism which is not yielding anything,” was Musewe’s dismissive response to those calling for the implementation of the GPA democratic reforms BEFORE the next elections to ensure Zanu PF does not have the freedom to rig the elections as happened in the past.

We are not dealing with some mickey-mouse Al Capone vote rigging operation with a few corrupt Police Officers, Judges, etc.; we are dealing with the Mafia Godfather figure in State House and every State Institution headed by a senior member of the clan.

Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans are now living in abject poverty, government is failing to pay civil servant salaries let alone everything else like drugs, etc. And yet the Mafia gang itself is richer than ever from the billions of dollars looted from Marange and other national resources and assets. Zanu PF has the money to bankroll a very elaborate and costly vote rigging scheme.

The opposition parties have been shut out of the state institutions and they have no cash or resource to match Zanu PF’s. This why no one should contesting any elections until the reforms are implemented; to do so will be a betray of the people who are being denied a free and meaning vote, an exercise in futility and a mockery of democratic elections!

In 2013 Tsvangirai and his MDC friends, including Tendai Bite, ignored all advice not to take part in the elections with no reform because they will still win regardless of all Zanu PF vote rigging “shenanigans”. We must not make the same mistake they did! Yet this is exactly what Vince Musewe wants us to do!

The honey bird will lead you to a bee hive but not always; some for whatever devilish reasons will lead you straight into a pride a lions! Experienced hunters will tell you, never follow a honey bird with a twitchy tail. Vince Musewe wants us to go into the next elections with no GPA reforms implemented for whatever devilish reasons, he is the honey bird with the twitchy tail, ignore him!

Free, fair and credible election is not just a democratic right but it is the basic for good and accountable government and our key to ending the economic meltdown. We must demand the GPA reforms BEFORE the next election and keep our eyes firm on that ball! 

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Zimbabwe Light said...

EU says Zimbabwe should declare a state of emergence to attract attention and help to the drought situation.

May be Mugabe has not declare a state of emergency because he has not noticed yet! When one lives the posh lifestyle he does drowning in cash from all the looting and plunder of the na-tion's resources, it is easy to forget that there are millions whose very lives are hanging by the thread!