Friday, 8 January 2016

Zanu PF will "disintegrate in 2016" predicts NKC think tank - great provided it is not still in power!

“A leading global think tank, NKC African Economics, a unit of the well-renowned Oxford Economics, says 2016 is likely to be one of the most difficult years for President Robert Mugabe,” reported the Dailynews.

“The think tank says, Zanu PF, which is torn by its seemingly unstoppable factional wars could soon fracture and disintegrate.”

Ever since Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections life has not been a bed of rose petals for him, poor fellow. He was cock sure he would rig economic recovery just as he had rig the elections but that has proved to be a bridge too far.

Mugabe did not have the political will to end mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness as exemplified by the farm seizures and his 2008 indigenisation law because doing so would destroy the political patronage system he had established, his political power base. His plan was to throw lots and lots of cash at the economy confident that some would trickle down and produce the desire economic recovery.  So he produced his $27 billion ZimAsset recovery plan; all he needed was someone to fund it since he did not have that kind of money himself!

Sadly for him there were no takers, not even his “all weather friend”, the Chinese, would bankroll his hare-brain scheme. By the end of 2013 President Mugabe was sending all his ministers everywhere, including to the “British imperialists and their evil Western allies”, begging for money.

By the end of 2014, with the ZimAsset begging bowl still empty except for post-dated cheques from the Chinese and Russians, it was fair to say ZimAsset was dead!

When it was clear that Mugabe had rigged the July 2013 elections the Zimbabwe economy was so shocked and disappointed the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange lost 35% of its value. The economy has never recovered but continued to decline ever since. More and more companies closed throwing workers on the ever growing mountain of unemployed. Unemployment has soared to a nauseating 90% plus and still there are more company closures and lay-off in the pipe.

The country’s economic meltdown has forced millions to live in abject poverty; many are so poor they are dying of hunger and disease. Poverty is so widespread now it has engulfed the “untouchable” Zanu PF ruling elite too.

Zanu PF grandees like the late Enos Nkala (Mugabe’s first Minister of Finance) and Nathan Shamuyarira (Minister of Information for donkey years and credited by Mugabe himself for creating the country’s monolithic and undemocratic Public Media) died paupers. Mugabe, with the George Orwell’s Animal Farm cynicism, had the latter’s Borrowdale, Harare house painted the afternoon he died to hide the decades of neglect, rot and decay. The Shamuyariras were so poor it is said his wife could not be with him on his deathbed because she could not afford the $5 or so bus fare.

It is the reality of grinding poverty and dying paupers that is fuelling the dog-eat-dog fighting in Zanu PF today. The national cake has shrunk so much over the years but instead of doing something to stop the economic rot for the good of us all, these Zanu PF goons are fighting to the death for the scraps!

 2016 has started ominously for Mugabe and his regime; it is tear-gassing civil servants demanding their unpaid wages. Now with ZimAsset well and truly died and buried the economic meltdown is going to squeeze the nation even hard. There are signs that El Nino induce drought is upon us; start from empty grain silos, a very weak national economy, a broken down road and rail network, etc. it is clear the nation is in serious trouble.

Mugabe is a tyrant renowned for his thick as hippo skin and for his ice-cold heartedness enabling him to be totally indifferent to the suffering, misery and deaths of other human beings even his own people! This year the thick skin and ice-cold heart will be tested to the full!

If NKC African Economics’ prediction is right and Zanu PF implode and disintegrate, no thinking Zimbabwean would be disappointed to see that happen. What the nation is concerned about is that Zanu PF does not implode whilst it is still in power because, if that was to happen, the party could drag many innocent Zimbabweans into the abyss with it! 

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