Thursday, 7 January 2016

No wonder Vince Musewe is completely lost, his compass is broken and he cannot read the road-map!

Vince Musewe, now I can see why you are hopeless lost; you have a compass that does not work and you are holding the map upside down – a clear sign you cannot read!

“In 2013 before the July elections, I asked the question- what if ZANU (PF) wins,” you said. “It turns out that I was unintentionally correct and the sad reality is that our opposition political parties had not even considered that scenario in their strategies. They never had an alternative plan. As a result they were subsequently paralysed by the shocking result and up to this day, we have all suffered for their inability to consider and plan for all probable outcomes. My greatest fear is that history may repeat itself once more come 2018.

You have clearly missed the heart and soul of this GNU and reform debate! If was never a matter of what if Zanu PF wins the July 2013, without even one democratic reform implemented Zanu PF was certain to win!

“In my humble opinion what I see as the problems include the loss of the 2013 general elections and our pretence that rigging was the main problem,” admitted Samuel Sipape Nkomo in an interview with Hebert Moyo of the The Independent in 2014.” We have failed to admit that we did not live up to expectations. For me, I would say that rigging would only be 10% of the problem, and 90% was our fault.”
“Can you explain?” asked Hebert Moyo
“We failed to secure critical reforms before participating in the elections. The whole world advised us not to get into the elections without reforms, and so in everything that we have been saying we have failed to acknowledge that we also made a mistake,” answered Nkomo.
Of course the whole world could see what was coming; with not even one reform implemented there would be nothing to stop Mugabe rigging the elections and that is exactly what happened! It is cheap politicking, to say the least, for brother Musewe to tell us he raised the possibility of Zanu PF winning the July2013 elections as if it was a bolt of pure genius.

What the nation would want to know Mr Musewe is whether you raise this matter with Tsvangirai and the other MDC leaders warning them of the folly of taking part in the elections with no reforms in place.

“It is common knowledge that Lindiwe Zulu (President Jacob Zuma’s international relations adviser) advised us,” answered Sipape Nkomo when he was asked who had warned MDC. “Zuma also advised us and even the Sadc Heads of State meeting in Maputo (Mozambique) also advised not to participate in the elections without electoral, media and security sector reforms, among others.”

So you see Mr Musewe, Zimbabwe had its golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU but wasted it because of Tsvangirai and his MDC friends’ breath-taking incompetence.

They warned repeatedly to follow the roadmap and implement the reforms but they would not listen.
If you had your full wits about you, Mr Musewe, then you would see that your “greatest fear of history repeating itself come 2018” are completely founded and that you, in your naivety, are dragging the nation down that path of yet another Zanu PF rigged elections. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have already proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are corrupt, incompetent and sell-outs so why are you presenting them to the nation as potential national leaders. If Mugabe was able to bribe and bamboozle them into doing nothing about democratic reforms during the GNU what makes think the tyrant will fail to do so again?

Sometimes one meets their destiny by the path they chose to avoid it! Here, by electing corrupt and incompetent leaders, whom we already know that they are indeed corrupt and incompetent, we will be going out of our way to court failure and disaster. Only a first class fool would do that!

Without severe international pressure on Zimbabwe to change its political systems, especially from the rest of Africa and within the region, it is highly unlikely that we will achieve any fundamental change in our politics. We are on our own,” you said.

You are absolutely right there my brother “we are on our own” now and rightly so too.

Think for once; why should SADC want to help us implement the reforms when we, through our MDC leaders, ignored their warning during the GNU?

In the face of the increasing economic meltdown in Zimbabwe, believe the international community would have started applying pressure on Mugabe to accept meaningful political reforms. But “to what end and purpose?” they ask themselves. The international community has lost all confidence in Tsvangirai as a national leader and hence the reason why some have even started re-engaging Mugabe.

Zimbabweans have the right to stick to Tsvangirai as their leader but we must know there is a price to be paid for that; by sticking to a corrupt and incompetent leader we are telling the whole world we are not yet ready for democratic change!

Mugabe is under great economic and political pressure from the economic meltdown and Zanu PF imploding he is still in power only because we, the people, are not clear what we want and where we are going. The men and women the nation has been looking up to, it turns out have compasses that do not work and cannot even read the map! 

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